The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, leaked video - Heading to Consoles

Gry-Online: As Adam (CD Projekt RED CEO) noted in our response to the leak, the video was created using a very early alpha version of The Witcher 2 and therefore does not represent the final quality of the game in any way. Basically, the video was created six months ago to show the game to the potential publishers, and a lot has changed since that time. Moreover, the movie does not even touch the main aspect of the game, which is it's story. We put all our efforts into making the story even more exciting and captivating, giving our fans exactly what they expect.

Q. What platform will the game be released on?

A. Although PC is certain choice we made regarding platforms for The Witcher 2, we also want to release the console version. More information will come after official announcement of the game.

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Nihilism3221d ago

that's good news for console gamers, the witcher was a great rpg, anyone that hasn't played it should check it out