IncGamers: Star Trek Online Closed Beta Keys Up For Grabs

IncGamers has teamed up with Cryptic Studios to give away three Star Trek Online closed beta keys.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on a key should check out the site and put a caption to the STO image.

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Maticus3070d ago

Several spring to mind lol :D

Redrudy3070d ago

Really? My mind has gone instantly blank. Great timing.

Leord3070d ago

Star Trek Online looks to be a pretty kick-ass game, actually!

Chazmers3070d ago

never good at caption comps

Leord3070d ago

Well, this one isn't too hard though. References to mistakes, blowing up planets etc! :)

AndyA3070d ago

Cool, can't wait to give this a blast.

HypnoticMonkey3070d ago

I'm bummed. :[

I signed up but for some reason it keeps saying invalid password..oh this is sooo typical. T_T

All I wanted was a beta key. :[