Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #62 Released

Twenty more maps have been released for Team Fortress 2.

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Polycarp2981d ago

I totally should have gotten this game for $10 (it was on sale that weekend) instead of L4D for $40.

rawrockkillz2981d ago

Just get it now for $20. It is well worth it.

Myndflyte2981d ago

Yes, more than worth it.

thematrix12982981d ago

time to call 'mediiiiiiiiiic'

BYAAHHH2981d ago

Is it me or is Valve not giving L4D enough attention? I mean, almost everywhere I look there are more TF2 updates. I love the game, but I wanted more out of L4D.

Pandamobile2980d ago

This is a community update.