Think Motion Sensing is Just for Casual Games? Blame Nintendo

With both Project Natal and Sony's motion controller set to launch next year, motion sensing/tracking will soon become a major focus for all three console manufacturers in the game industry. Nintendo kicked off the trend with its incredibly popular Wii, but the success of Nintendo's platform has also had the unfortunate consequence of leading people to believe that motion sensing games will be mostly casual.

Softkinetic, which today launched a development studio dedicated to creating motion tracking experiences, doesn't believe that motion tracking games need be casual, however. In an interview with IndustryGamers, CEO Michel Tombroff noted that the Wii has affected people's mindsets when it comes to motion controls.

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Gr813219d ago

That lead people to equate Motion Controls equal casual, that was viral marketers and third parties who wished Wii would just go away. Motion Controls aren't "soon to become a major focus for three major companies" it is already a major focus for one company and the other two are following suit.

But when in doubt blame Nintendo.

Samus HD3219d ago

nintendo had a success with Wii about motion controlers,., ps3 and 360 are trying to copy wii because they are jelous about the success