GT5 Ferrari compared to real life 458 Italia

GZ: Time to compare Gran Turismo 5 to real life with the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Remember our real-life to Gran Turismo 5 comparison of the GTbyCitroen? Well it's that time again, using Polyphony Digital's latest tribute to the newly announced Ferrari 458 Italia.

Tributes to the 8-cylinder Berlinetta were created by both Turn 10 and Polyphony Digital, showing off their spectacular game engines for Forza MotorSport 3 and Gran Turismo 5.

You've already been able to compare the two games in those trailers, so we thought we'd steer clear of going to the console battles again.

Instead, we're returning to the GT5 trailer, which appears to be using Polyphony's in-engine cutscene graphics: this differs from real-time gameplay by increasing anti-aliasing, improving reflections and motion blur at the cost of reducing the framerate from 60fps to 30fps.

So time to compare GT5's Ferrari 458 Italia to the real thing. Can you spot which picture is real and which is "fake"?

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Dutch Boogie3222d ago

Wow it is virtually impossible to see the difference. Props to PD for such eye candy.

Perkel3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

as always there is only one better graphic game .. and it's real life :)

kws10653222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

think sometimes GT5 cars look better than real life cars?

paskowitz3222d ago

GT5>Real Life. What people fail to realize is that this is not CGI, GT5, but rather a demonstration of what PD can do with their tech. This is GT5's engine putting out those images but its not in game or using the game's replay function, its some outside program. Could the PS3 render that video, probably. But thats not the point the point is that the fidelity of the graphics in that video were so amazing that if GT5 looks sat 20% worse it will still be utterly breath taking.

PROFIT3222d ago

Polyphony digital versus Real Life

droid and bot3222d ago

OMG this game looks soo good

ultimolu3222d ago

...I could not spot the difference.

That's insane. o-O

Dammit, give me more things to be excited about why dontcha. :3

Strikepackage Bravo3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

why are they comparing a CGI video to real life as though its ingame/engine? This is CLEARLY not running off some PS3 or PS3 GT5 engine somewhere, and frankly no one has claimed it is (except ofcoarse the fanboys) not Poly, not Sony, so why would they make such a pointless comparison I wonder, hits maybe?

pharmd3222d ago

UNBELIEVABLE.... to say the least!!!!

marinelife93222d ago

I would love for someone who hadn't already seen the trailer try to pick out the difference in the two.

They should of did a Forza 3 vs real life too.

Why dis3222d ago

Thats the goal of CGI. thats why the game and movie industries use it lol.

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Cwalat3222d ago

The resemblance is pretty striking.

I couldn't tell which one was which on the second pic, and i couldn't tell weither or not the entire video was ingame or CGI.

Is it really ingame?
If so, then WOW!

The first thing i'll do is download that London Elektricity Apex Remix track for my PS3, and recreate that feeling in the trailer by drving the italia myself. Driving 458italia by the sunset on a lone track, can't wait.

GT5, a musthave for car fans.

techie3222d ago

in-engine, not in gameplay

Cwalat3222d ago

I didn't say in gameplay.

In gameplay would be the view from ingame camera angle when actually playing the game, or when in replay view.

I'm asking if it's ingame = inengine... Like Uncharted 2 cutscenes, which are rendered from their engine but not actual gameplay.

Either way, if it's really inengine, then it's still a WOW!

techie3222d ago

in-engine cutscene graphics

droid and bot3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

i think they are in game
the lighting is very very good and realistic
and we have seen that in GT5:P
and Polyphony digital is known for making a very good car graphics
i mean i have and play GT5:P and i really got to say it looks VERY good

and i dont believe kotaku they are always anti-sony

TheMailman3222d ago

YES!!! ingame.. the worst blind is the one that don´t want to see..

techie3222d ago

Thanks Turn 10. It's not in-game we know. It's in-engine. Thanks again.

Sarcasm3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"Like Uncharted 2 cutscenes, which are rendered from their engine but not actual gameplay."

Uncharted 2 is all real time in-game cutscenes. No more in-engine cutscenes.

"The major news we're going on about is the fact that Uncharted 2 uses in-game assets to conduct it's cutscenes, yes similar to MGS4, Uncharted 2 now features in-game rendered cutscenes, this is different from the first because the first actually had them pre-rendered with in-game assets and then played back to the user, this on the other hand is rendered in real-time."

techie3222d ago

God, that's the most messed up and wrong paragraph I've read in a long time.

U2 does cutscenes exactly the same as U1 (except this time they are 1080p). This is how they both do them:

The cutscenes are rendered in real-time using their PS3 engine, but they are recorded to HD FMV files and played back in the game so as to hide loading. They use the cutscene game engine, but they are pre-recorded (hence pre-rendered.)

This was how it was in U1 and how it will be in U2.

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El Botto3222d ago

PS3 is the most powerful hardware and is the only hardware that can deliver not only REAL LIFE quality graphics but also movie experiences that one can only find in the highest of the highest hollywood movie calibers.

PS3, it only does everything.

We have Uncharted 2, xbots. You dont. What do you have?

Answer: you have a half defective console that can RROD on you with over 54% chance everytime you press the power button.

3222d ago
cronaldo73222d ago

The Ferrari is only for people who pre-order from Gamestop.

ps3gogetitt3222d ago

I wish those graphics were taken straight from gameplay...

slinkey1233222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

No it isn't. Its from a pre-rendered video tribute to the Ferrari 478. While it is using the GT5 engine the lighting, shadows and aliasing has been greatly improved from actual gameplay. If you watch any game play vids of GT5 then you will see its not as good as this.

Still though GT5 looks great and i cant wait for it to come out. Will be getting a Logitech G25 with it :)

Lol cant wait to see how many disagree's i get from this :P This site is a real PS3 sausage fest today. Everyone of you who have played Prologue or seen gt5 gameplay KNOW it doesnt look as good as this lol.

EDIT: I didnt read the "I wish" part from your comment.. lmao im an idiot.

Raf1k13222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

lol yeh same here.

You seem to be one of the few that understands the difference between in-engine and in-game footage.

edit: @slinkey123. I think he knows lol.

edit2: don't get me wrong, in-game is also in-engine but with this kind of video the engine is used to render only the area to be viewed leaving more processing power for extra visual effects and in-game footage is captured while rendering the entire game environment.

Nik3222d ago

to drive with excessive "movie" effects like depth of field and motion blur.

Knightrid8083222d ago

Nah don't get the G25, there's a new version of the wheel model called G27.

It costs the same as the G25 but its a newer model.

Perkel3222d ago

@ Knightrid808

better he would buy used g25, it's a lot cheaper and g25 with letter and steel is the same :)

slinkey1233222d ago

knightrid the g27 is over twice the price here in the UK?!?! 325 pounds whereas the g25 is 145.. What the hell, wonder it costs so much here?

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