Icrontic: The Secret Sauces in ATI's New Radeon 5000 Series

After months of speculation, AMD has pressed the big red "go" button on the Radeon HD 5000 series. Icrontic reports in on what improvements have been made to make for a superior end-user experience.

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Nihilism3163d ago

good article, good to know ati is working on improving their aa situation. Shame that they still can't force 16*aa with a single card though

i never got the 8*ssaa thing though, in nvidia as far as i know you can only turn it on, i don't know how you adjust the level

MajorJackHoff3163d ago

"The Secret Sauces".

lol'd. I want more articles with hilarious titles.

primesuspect3163d ago

We try our best. We're a serious tech and gaming site, but we're also a bunch of fun people ;)