NCSoft on Aion Queues

NCSoft has responded to reports that some users have experienced colossal delays when trying to start its new MMO, Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

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Maticus3247d ago

There's always a mad rush when games like this launch. Warhammer Online messed up by making too many servers to cope with it, only having to close them down later, much to their own embarrassment.

caladbolg7773247d ago

I was very excited about Aion long before its release and was certain that it was going to be the next MMO that I got in to. After actually playing it during Closed Beta, not so much.

Aion isn't for me.

Jdoki3247d ago


Maybe the answer to that is follow the model of Champions Online and others - have one distributed server 'farm' and multiple instances on each.

Fyzzu3247d ago

That actually seems like the wise thing to do. Almost every MMO experiences more traffic than expected initially, but the majority of it tends to wear off within a few weeks - which means that adding an extra 30 servers just means they'll end up bear.

The "wait and see" approach seems like a good idea, especially if the queues aren't there or aren't as bad at the moment.

Leord3247d ago

Problem really starts if the queues lessen because less people play it.. :P

zagibu3246d ago

Amazon's elastic compute cloud is perfect for such rapidly scaling situations.

Leord3247d ago

Similar to how WoW started out...

Dorjan3247d ago

I've experienced no delays

AndyA3247d ago

Wonder if the delays are specific to the US then?

Leord3247d ago

Good point. Perhaps EU players are fine?

Azurite3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

and was greeted by:

Azurite3247d ago

only had to wait a bit more than 4 hours.

Avenged Sevenfold3247d ago

Ulqoiurra got pwnd by NCsoft lmao. Bro, that must've sucked. I'm picking up Aion this, looks legit.

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