Digital Battle: Need For Speed Shift Review

Technically, the game isn't the best looking; the cars aren't that detailed and the selection of cars isn't that big to begin with. The tracks on the other hand, look great and are aplenty of. The online mode ran smooth, even though the experience wasn't that great. If you long for a great driving game this holiday season, Digital Battle would recommend Dirt 2 over NFS Shift any day, but if you're an NFS junkie, it's still worth it.

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Tone Marley3218d ago

One of the more realistic reviews I have seen so far.

This game has great track layouts and they are beautifully rendered.

The cars are about as modeled as Forza2's Which isnt bad... but they just dont quite measure up to the environments.. so they always look just a touch out of place.

The AI is belligerent and moronic at best.

The Physics are certainly somewhere between arcade and sim but never really hitting either. This is the biggest let down for me.
I prefer the sim angle and EA had said this was supposed to be a return to their sim roots.... but that just isnt the case.

Especially online where it is merely a crash fest.

I agree with the score of this review 6/10

Rent it BEFORE you buy it... its far better to spend 8-10 bucks and play it for a week then to spend $60 and find out its not what you thought it was going to be.

thats my $.02 and I am sticking with it ;)