Another Retailer Says Nothankyou To The PSPgo

Kotaku: "One Dutch retailer refusing to stock the PSPgo is an isolated incident. But when the Aussie branch of EB Games says "no, thanks" as well, you've got a trend on your hands.

Kotaku Australia's David Wildgoose rung around in Sydney this morning and found that not a single EB Games he contacted would be stocking the game. I rang around in Canberra and Melbourne and found the same thing: despite a release date of next week, the console appears in EB's system only as "discontinued", and is not listed as an upcoming release."

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Madusha3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Looks like trouble. EB games is pretty huge, especially where I am @ New Zealand. if they refuse the PSP Go, other stores are highly likely to do the same.

Sony will come up with something for sure.

EDIT: "For the record, EB's biggest competitors - GAME and JB Hi-Fi - will both be stocking the handheld."

That's very good to hear :D

GameGambits3251d ago

I call some kind of BS. You think Gamestop/EB would willingly refuse to put a product on their shelves that will net them cash? Digital distribution or not it isn't like the console handheld itself will be digitally distributed lol.

If they really aren't though in some way to "protest," then they are morons. Didn't anyone at EB/Gamestop realize it's only a matter of time before things like this are made and happen? Need to adapt and make bank as much as you can while you can, so refusing this product is dumb on many levels.

Panthers3251d ago

I mean Best Buy sells MP3 players even though they dont sell the music. What makes EB games so damn special. More and more they give me good reason to never shop there. I hate that place.

gamesR4fun3251d ago

peeps will jus go to bigger retail outlets and just might decide they dont need eb anymore

also sony is trying to keep the retailers onboard by charging the same price for dl's as for disks. Kinda stupid imo what might of worked better from the eb perspective is letting them sell prepaid codes for psp games at slightly less than on psn...
Guaranty them a year or two of that kinda deal and im sure eb woulda been all over it.

MAiKU3251d ago

i buy from tech stores, never a game store, so i really can't relate to this problem. But i do have problems with stores such as GameStop.

mfwahwah3251d ago

Refusing to sell the PSP Go is stupid. People will just buy it with cash at a competitor and STILL not buy hard copies from the stores that don't sell the Go.

It's either sell it and make some money off of it, or let someone else make the cash off of it. They obviously made their choice though, as silly as it is.

WiiFit3250d ago

Why would you buy this? the only real new feature it has is downloading games but at $100 more that's not worth it including when you can't trade in games or trade with friends this going to fail sadly and if it doesn't cool but I'm not going to buy it.

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jhoang3251d ago

Atm Jb hifi is accepting preorders and theres always GAME.

morganfell3251d ago

I don't know why people think this is an issue. Wait, it's Kotaku.

The world's largest game retailer is selling the PSP Go as well as the world's largest over all retailer. If people want a Go they are going to get one and all these moronic stores are doing is depriving themselves of a sale that is going to be made anyway. They could at least pull the profit from that and any accessories but instead they are going to stomp around on the deck of the Titanic with signs that read "Just say no to icebergs!"

It isn't that bad, they aren't going to go under from the PSP Go but the point is boycotting is sometimes more an act of idiocy than impact.

cliffbo3251d ago

do they boycott the i-pod touch?

JD_Shadow3251d ago

And Crecente said that most Sony stories they have ran were overwhelmingly positive.

Yeah, so...

morganfell3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

That guy is so full of crap. If he hadn't acted like an ass and he possessed even an inkling of understanding how things work he wouldn't have wound up in this boat. Now he is just a guy with internet access and a grudge.

DelbertGrady3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

- insert tinfoil hat here -

morganfell3251d ago

Since you do not know your history you automatically get the ignore button.

dreamcast3251d ago

You guys are so sensitive.

mfwahwah3251d ago

Yeah, honestly. It's a gaming blog. You don't have to read it if you're so uptight about them.

JD_Shadow3250d ago

It's not sensitivity. It's just ironic.

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Eric Cartman3251d ago

It looks like that once again Sony should spearhead the transition to online content. They always do the hardwork of educating people.

How on Earth do those retailers get to do business of any sort?

Obviously, Sony does not expect it to be big, they are just experimenting with it for now.

REALgamer3251d ago

Pretending Sony is 'at the forefront' of digital game distribution is silly.

Whether you like it or not, Steam was one of the first truly successful digital distribution platforms. Xbox Live Arcade then brought this to consoles with a huge degree of success.

For handhelds, even if you don't consider it a 'true' gaming handheld the iPhone / iPod Touch Appstore has been incredibly successful at online game distribution.

The PSP Go is a great product that I'll be picking up if the price drops a bit but it isn't really pioneering anything. It's just a simple evolution of the PSP as digital distribution has gained enough popularity to make it viable.

kerrak3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

...neither Apple did pioneer the online app store. There were tons of apps (including games) for pda (btw controllable with stylus lol) more than 10 years ago when ipods were mere music players. There are not that many companies that can give an incredible steps ahead from scratch by themselves. And in the end, pspGo is the first gaming console in history to be exclusively download based.

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