What the imminent Wii price drop could mean to average gamers

Like the pre-release buzz surrounding PS3 Slim, the Wii is also generating a lot of rumors about an impending price cut and it looks like it's going to happen real soon. There will always be discussions on who's going to be on top of the "console wars," but what does the Wii price cut mean to regular gamers like you and me? Mike Got Game mulls over some possibilities.

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KionicWarlord2223252d ago

A slaughter of the holiday season ?

Filled with nintendo "wii plus " and suer mario for the wii ...

Yeah....pretty big for nintendo .

wxer3252d ago

Who the hell doesn't own a wii already ?

mikegotgame3252d ago

Well, there are 6.786 billion people in this world, minus 52.62 million Wiis sold. That's still a lot of people not owning Wiis.

StanLee3252d ago

A better question would be, who are all these people still buy Wiis each month? Before recent price drops the Wii still consistently outsold both the XBox 360 and PS3.

FinalomegaS3252d ago

So the PS systems selling 100 mil was sold to beavers living underground?

droid and bot3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

those are hardcore gamers

anyway i think the wii price cut well help
but not as much as it did whit the PS3 because the wii is already affordable

Sitdown3252d ago

who are no where near "hardcore gamers".

ozstar3252d ago


Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i iz hardcorez, pay attention to me

baph7773252d ago

Over the next year? Or is their jrpg lineup still hoping to make hits out of games by the likes of Marvelous that no one has ever heard of before it was announced they had a Wii game on the way?

SpoonyRedMage3252d ago

The Wii has Crystal Bearers coming this year... and Square Enix are putting DQX on the Wii... plus Namco are putting Tales of Graces on the Wii.

Also the Wii has The After Years as exclusive(for now anyway).

sprinterboy3252d ago

I dont get the wii at all, a majority of my friends own them (for there kids)and they still have wii sports and nothing else. I dont get it especially the hundreds of crap titles taking up all the shelves in the game stores. Fair play I guess to the kids and casuals who still play there wii`s and to future customers who will continue to buy the wii, but for me I just dont get wii

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