New GT5 shots that'll blow your mind.

Here are some new epic screens from Italia Tribute video.

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krackchap3161d ago

Definitive racing game of every generation.

SnuggleBandit3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

holy eff...

oh and thanks for the compliments why dis/i did not murder him, it's awesome knowing this game looks like it must really hurt you to see how much better the graphics are on the ps3

SolidAhmed3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

this is a true story 2 weeks ago i had my best friend as a guest so we were playing games on ps3 x360 and so on

during one of the breaks we had i said to him let me show u something from my laptop so i said look at this video

guys believe it or not after 22 seconds he said is this a game? is this a CG video? what the ....

it took him 22 seconds now this is truly next gen graphics in my opinion

btw: do not count the seconds from the beginning of the video

leeger3161d ago

I really doubt if this shot is in game

it looks so real.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

this is a good joke but people got it wrong.

that wasn't realtime, and that wasn't GT5. it was a tribute to the 485 Italia from the makers of GT.

people should watch the vid again.

Perkel3161d ago

lol @ everyone think that lights and backlights are fake,

even in gt5 on gamescom subaru has crazy lights

gt hd ferrari 599 backlight closeup

this wasn't in game replay but car model and lightning are the same as in game

INehalemEXI3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

after watching that video countless times I noticed a flaw, the green hill pops in at 1:25-1:27 in the background. Otherwise it's breathtaking.

Why dis3161d ago


Forza 3


Forza 3

After you get pasted BS the game play speakes for itself. I find it funny people try to make people think GT5 is king by trickery yet the media knows better and won't say anything because of the fanboys.

The real definitive racing game of every generation and the highest scoring one too since its debut.

7ero H3LL3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

there's already gameplay of GT5 out there throughout the net.

it's too late to say what is real-time and what isn't, the tribute video is neither gameplay and nor is it a realplay of gameplay. (cause we already know what GT5's reaplays looks like)

and the video doesn't even bare the GT5 logo in it in the first place.

LazyDevs3161d ago

The car looks like plastic. And as in every case of a outdoor track it is just ol plain jane with nothing nor any details.

Ravage273161d ago

er...i watched those vids you listed and GT5 indeed looks much more realistic. What exactly were you trying to prove?

rareairtone3161d ago

And what I hate most is that PD will probably not respond and clarify anything in a timely manner...but then again maybe in Japan, if that's the community that PD watches, already know's what's up with this video.

I like what someone said earlier--there isn't even a GT5 logo anywhere. If they wanted to advertise the game, they would have told us it came from gt5

There are no reasons to capture screens from the video because it's just good rendering and not a representation of gt5. GT5 is lovely, but we know what the game looks like in screen-grabs. This is not representative of the final game.

I claim that the best benefit of the doubt is that this trailer uses the gt5 engine but turns the AA up a lot and increases the resolution in the car. I mean, come on--this car contains too many polygons in those headlight and taillight close-ups.

We all know the feat PD accomplished: Photo-realistic cars using about 250,000 polygons or under for each.

vhero3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Meh GT5 won't win against Forza because of shots like these this gen it will win for ps3 owners because it has more types of races/more cars/more tracks and you can play on ps3. Forza will win for 360 owners for customization hands down and because you can play on 360. Look stop god damn arguing which is better as who cares? if you own a ps3 and forza is better is that gonna stop you buying gt5 or vice versa? NO! is it gonna stop the other game coming out because ones better? NO! This isn't a fight to the death people where only 1 game survives and you can only buy the winner! I have both consoles and the reason I am getting GT over Forza is free online play as I refuse to pay to play online. That's my reason Stop being so god damn childish with these comparison videos and pics and enjoy 2 great games!

Side not to those saying these pics are not real neither are those Forza ones we saw, but you 360 boys won't admit to that will you?? God you people really annoy me quick to say ones not real but not the other. They just show what the hardware is capable of but you couldn't actually play a real game with them kind of graphics no with this Gen anyways neither console can so don't even think about saying they can.

pippoppow3161d ago

They were disrespectful and full of bravado. They clearly are not the definitive racing game of this gen. It may be great but it will be scrutinized heavily due to those unwise words by a dev team claiming superiority. Forza will have lower number of cars and less cars on the track at once, no day/night cycles, less racing types and less graphical punch. May turn out great but definitely not definitive.

ultimolu3161d ago

....Brb. Fainting in a corner. o_o;

The-Warranty3161d ago

Seeing the XDF so threatened is like comedy to me. ^_^

Mr_Bun3161d ago

Why Dis is just upset that he won't get as much money for his 360 trade-in since MS have dropped the price of their console....again

FlameBaitGod3161d ago

Poor i did not murder him, hes so used to MS doing that to him he thinks sony does that too :(

Perkel3161d ago

@ rareairtone

they don't care

same was with first gameplays and screens from GT HD prees and people were sayin it's not posible , CGI CGI prerendered ! They didn't care, they didn't scream it's best freaking game definitive or something ,just released gt hd and everybody lose their jaws.

here some chev front lights, yes it's possible and i posted 599 gtb above .

Enyoy: beautifull SEMA Gran Turismo awards winner chev corvette 60"



mfwahwah3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )


"that wasn't realtime, and that wasn't GT5. it was a tribute to the 485 Italia from the makers of GT. "

You obviously missed when it said "Powered by Gran Turismo." So yeah, it may not have been from GT5, but it was obviously done using that engine. I think that speaks for it self completely.

ia_studio3161d ago

I can't belive 5 of my friends are buying a ps3 only when this game is released, I mean it's only a racig game.

crematory3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

but if this a sceens shot for a game i will buy it day one ,finally a game can show what HD IS

TotalPS3Fanboy3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

In fact, even GT5P looks that good already.
Check these out.
Real time(you can see a little jaggies).
In game.
The freaking details!!!

Why dis3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Those are not even close to the CGI in the tribute trailer.


LOL at all the angry people mad at me for showing GT5's bland PS2-ish textures.

Forza 3


TotalPS3Fanboy3161d ago

Thank you for showing once again that GT5 looks way better than Forza 3.

djfullshred3161d ago

Being the car & racing nut that I am, I would totally buy GT5 & Forza if I owned both consoles. But my budget is a one system setup, so GT5 is what I will have. But that Forza game looks pretty cool to me too.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

@Why dis, are you sure that video of Forza 3 that you have there it's not from Crazy Taxi? lol

TotalPS3Fanboy3160d ago

The lighting was good in that Forza 3 video, but still can't compare to GT5. And I see low res textures everywhere in the environment. Bland roads. And seems the textures are mipmap or even anti-aliased. They look very ugly, like they haven't been smooth or something. And also, no grass at all.

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I did not murder him3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Yes we know that mostly CGI trailer looks good and yes these mostly CGI pics look good<>god lol.

No one will capture the pics of this car when the camera pans lower where the car and the watery ground is in the same frame/shot because it is easier to trick fans in thinking this isn't CGI. Because if people seen the car drive through that water in a screen grab they would know its not ingame for sure.
This is why fanatics only show the top part of the car and the tail-lights or headlights during that CGI footage when they choose a spot to do the screen grab.

KionicWarlord2223161d ago

I think thats in game man....
LOoks pretty sick.

I did not murder him3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

NO it's not. It's mixed up with Pre-rendered footage and ingame and most of what fans are boasting/showing off are the pre-rendered parts.

KionicWarlord2223161d ago

Is it my turn to say yes it is ?


I did not murder him3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I'm actually defending my originally comment?


EDIT @AclayPS3

I'm not sure what you're trying to prove with that link you posted the date was from *July 9th* so I didn't read the article.

You'll have to point out where the dev said this Farrari tribute video was "all ingame" back in *july on the 9th* lol

More GT5/Sony mixing and matching so that they can trick people? Am I missing something or are you trying to pass that old quote off as proof that the dev said that about this new tribute Pre-rendered trailer and grabs. That stuff from July is no where near the Pre-rendered stuff from this new video, although it is mixed with what looks like real ingame stuff.

SoapShoes3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Because you can see jaggies if you look really close. They're barely visible but can be seen. Also the tracks in the game are not fake, the locations the car is driving on are tracks we have seen from earlier trailers.

3161d ago
saint_john_paul_ii3161d ago

yes, i didn't knew mountains pop up all of a suddden in CGI.

Dude....its In-Game. its ok if its Hard to Believe it.

Aclay3161d ago

LOL, NO the entire Trailer and all of the pics are all redendered with in-game assests.

The Ferrari Tribute Trailer is literally the SAME quality as the E3 2009 GT5 Trailer. The E3 Trailer was ALL in-game, and IGN themselves did an analysis of the E3 trailer, and they concluded that it was in-game, so if the E3 trailer was in-game, the new Ferrari Tribute trailer and these pics are as well, because both Trailers are of the same quality:

IGN analysis article:

"I met with Kazunori Yamauchi at E3 to play the PSP version of Gran Turismo and the first thing that I asked him was if the GT5 trailer was real or not. He looked a little confused by the question and basically responded with, "of course it's real"."

lloyd_wonder3161d ago

What a nasty fanboy... Yuck. Someone sweep a turd under the rug!

Greywulf3161d ago

Some of the japanese scenery in the home menu had flowing water, as well as water on the cobble ground in other sections. Polyphony doesn't use CGI in their trailers, unlike others. Anyone have that ralph wiggum gif with him hitting the switch with his head down?

How many times do I have to post the headlight detail images, as well as overall detail from in game direct feed captures? CGi = pre-rendered, like what TUrn10 did with their "CREATIVITY" trailer. What you're seeing is more Anti Aliasing. But that doesn't add led's in prologues headlights either...

xabmol3161d ago

Please crawl back under your rock. It was so nice while you were gone.

Sarcasm3161d ago

Can someone say... butthurt?

SuperM3161d ago

Its ingame, although antialiasing has been increased. Same can be said about all forza 3 pics aswell. Good to know that you actually think this game looks that good

lokiroo4203161d ago

did not stop before you get owned as bad as montrealien.

Bathyj3161d ago

Dude, seriously. The first time you said it, and we all laughed at you, it was funny.

But now, you just keep going. Its not just embarrassing, I'm embarrassed for you. It like watching some of those Office episodes (The UK one) where you just wish a random snipers bullet would hit you so you didnt have to watch anymore.

And the whole while you're to dumb to realise you thinking its CGI is the biggest compliment you could ever pay.

cyclindk3161d ago

Jeez, sounded like he was trying to make a legit argument until I looked at his past comments... do people actually spend their time doing this?

DAVID BRENT3161d ago

please take away his bubbles his in every ps3 thread

wxer3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

its really funny
when something about forza comes out
all the 360 fanboys are like "wow its in game its 100% real its not bullshot nor CGI"

but when it comes to GT5
all they say is CGI and bullshots

same thing happened with gears of war 2 before it came out
the web was full of bullshots like this one
and they got fooled by Microsoft agian

Ravage273161d ago

you pretty much summed up everything :/

LazyDevs3161d ago

Well as it stands right now my GT5P says that isnt a real screenshot or least a non touched up one.

wxer3161d ago

yet another 360 fanboy claims to have a ps3
even if you do have it
an xbox fan boy's goal in life
is to down play the PS3 no matter what
even if he filled the internet with lies

rareairtone3161d ago

Just looking at the syntax, it seems like that was a language barrier more than him saying "Yes, the trailer is from in-game footage." I'm sorry, I can't trust PD with these trailers after they passed of that GT psp stuff (pics and trailers, like the very first trailer for it) as in-game when it was really just enhanced graphics running off of the psp hardware. And those freakin ps fanboys swore up and down that those were the graphics, that the graphics looked better than even forza 3 on a handheld

The ps3 can most likely render this trailer, but that's not in-game, just like the psp could render those screenshots but they weren't in-game.

ultimolu3161d ago

You're always saying that PS3 fans are in 360 threads and here you are in a PS3 thread.

Yes, we know. Forza is your God. Now go worship your god and leave the rest of us alone.

dreamcast3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Well as it stands right now, GT5P is a pretty old game. I do believe it's possible to upgrade the graphics of a game in 1-2 years.

Anyways, I don't understand the bickering between GT5/Forza. If it weren't for GT, Forza probably wouldn't exist... and if it weren't for Forza, GT might not be as good because of the lack of competition. Most of the people here probably only own 1 console anyways, so it doesn't matter which one is "better".

FlameBaitGod3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

He knows cus he played the game :(, wait he didnt :(. i did not murder him, this isnt MS bro :(, Sony doest give us lying bs all the time like MS does :(. I know your use to it :(. You guys so hurt you had to bring your multiple accounts to this article :(. Go play the legendary ODST!, your 3 new maps and your new game mode that cost 60 bucks LOL !!!!

Perkel3161d ago

@ dreamcast

"GT might not be as good because of the lack of competition"

what competition ? Forza, NFS, Grid ?

GT4 was released even before Forza 1 !

when gt1 was released there were no competition
gt2 the same gt3 the same gt4 also the same.

they constantly upgraded things from gt 1 to gt 4 and there were no competition at all.

sick if they would look @ competition with 30-40 cars at max why would they get almost 500 for gt 2 ? HMM ?

Demage ? at some point GT would imput demage even without competition,

So what else they added from competition ? hmm tuning cars ? ups sory gt1 here , hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . .

i see it diffrent :

1000+ cars, THIS IS BIG DEAL !!!


God knows how many tracks ( at least 40-60 )

posibly head tracking

great improvment in physic department

First photorealistic graphic to date (still we don't know how they improved engine since 2006 gt hd release, just glimpse of 16 vs 1 car from gt hd to gt prologue give something to think about)

i can go on and go on ..

forza is the only competition and this is just for gt5...

bjornbear3161d ago

Its not CGI, its ingame engine...its not game play though

But its rendered using ingame engine...meaning, the game will look like that when we are all playing it on our PS3's =)

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KionicWarlord2223161d ago

In graphics it looks that way .

But forza 3 will still be a great game .

3sq3161d ago

How do you know? May I borrow your time-machine too?

I did not murder him3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

This mixed pre-rendered video and the screen grabs look nothing like the real gameplay. The way the car looks in the Italia tribute video is not close to the actual ingame but way above it, nor is the way the car moved in the tribute video. LOWL Even the smart gamers like KionicWarlord222 are being fooled.

This is the real GT5 lol


FZA3 watch the 720p version of forza 3.

GT5 isn't even close to Forza 3 it's just more Sony smoke and mirrors.

@1.5 Did you say offscreen? Here you go

I even posted the low quality low rez ones to make it fair.

Queers of War3161d ago

Yes, take off screen Youtube footage of GT5 and compare it to a trailer off the offical Flawza website. Bravo. Bra-f*cking-vo. We all know GT5 is more graphically advanced, don't even bother.

KionicWarlord2223161d ago

Is that a offscreen video for gt5 ?

Cant really tell the difference from gt5 and forza 3 with that vid .

I did not murder him3161d ago

The real GT5 game is no where near the level of the Italia tribute CGI. GT5 Pre-rendered video and pics are being compared to Forza 3 in a sad attempt to do damage control only hours before the truth will be revealed anyways.

Queers of War3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

When was the last time Sony used CGI? KZ2 back in 05? They wouldn't use CGI footage a few months from the game's release. As much as you'd like to think otherwise, that's in game. Regardless, that Youtube video still looks nicer than Flawza 3. No wonder you're so heartbroken over this so called CGI footage. You may as well brace yourself for Flawza's whooping in the ass.

7ero H3LL3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

it's too late to say what IS and what isn't, we've already seen gameplay footage of GT5. (both replay, gameplay, C0CKPIT mode, and 3rd person gameplay.)

and it's all scattered around the net by now. the vid is self explanatory it was a "tribute"

KionicWarlord2223161d ago

So there is no vid of gt5 being played off screen?

I dont understand what your saying ....

I did not murder him3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

"so there is no vid of gt5 being played off screen?"

Asking a question you already know the answer too? My point is that GT5 tribute video is not close to the real GT5 gameplay so I ignored your question and then decided to show it doesn't make difference by posting more links later on of forza 3.

While you're asking about offscreen VIDEOS trying to make a moot point it's clear the gt5 TEXTURES and environmental detail are PS2-ISH and even the cars are missing something compared to Forza.

I'm sorry but the actual gameplay shows that GT5 has more in common with Prologue and GTHD than Forza 3 or even NFS shift in ways.

Queers of War3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

If off screen GT5 looks better than this:

then I seriously think you should STFU before you embarrass yourself any more. GT5 is in a whole different league. Flawza is and will always be the wannabe.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

you know what, i can say forza3's is realtime with pride, without resorting to showing off a pre-rendered vid that's none related to the game series.

PlayStation X3161d ago

damnnnnn that pic is sweet...

lol @ all you 360 geeks in denial. xD