OFFICIAL: Sony Online Entertainment acquires Sigil

Sony Online Entertainment has acquired the assets of Sigil Games Online.

The President of SOE has said he will be bringing over 50 Sigil employees to support and grow the Vanguard MMORPG game. Brad McQuaid will be kept-on as creative advisor for the game. Dave Gilbertson will manage the Sigil Carlsbad office and the game itself.

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Xi4203d ago

*cancels subscription.* they're going to ruin the potential like the did eq, swg... not happy about this.

ITR4203d ago

U play it?

To me Vanguard has never been a great game.

Merovee4203d ago

I really had high hopes for it too, but was left feeling a little bored with it.

iceice1234203d ago

EQ2, though. Here's to Warhammer Q1 2008, right? That looks promising.

Vojkan4203d ago

I think Sony made this move for the future not because of the Vanguard. Sony compared to Xbox is weak on Online gaming experience so they are looking into future and are trying to gain some strength.
Is this wright move? Only time will tell