Left 4 Dead's Crash Course Lands on September 29th

Gamervision reports: "Valve has announced that the next batch of Left 4 Dead DLC, Crash Course, will be made available on September 29th on the Xbox 360 and PC. That means, as of next Tuesday, we'll all have a little for zombie killing fun to hold us over until Left 4 Dead 2 launches later in the year. Is it enough to stop the anger and boycotts? Only time will tell."

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dominicm3250d ago

Enough to stop the boycotts? The boycotts are F***ing retarded. Each and everyone of those boycotters are going to buy L4D2.

StanLee3250d ago

For 400 points, this is a steal even if PC gamers get this content for free.

Ninji3250d ago

Of course Microsoft is the one doing the stealing.

Pandamobile3250d ago

Left 4 Dead came out last year, and was wildly successful.

Good try though.

Sangria3250d ago

What i don't get is why 360 owners should pay 560 MS a content that is free on PC?
It's not a matter of "Microsoft don't want free DLC on Marketplace" as Batman Arkham Asylum DLCs are available on Marketplace for free, so why so much hatred toward 360 owners?

TheIneffableBob3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Microsoft probably said something like, "Since your first DLC was free, you're going to have to make this next one cost a little money."

Obviously, on the PC, you don't have these types of overseers over the platform.

DuneBuggy3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Yeah I never bought or used a MS point card before. First time for everything.
Another campaign is worth that to me. Im glad the Survivor mode was free,because I didnt enjoy it as much.

Jamescagney3250d ago

Lolz yez, flop of da year lolz.

Except it wasn't.

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