Games are "light years away" from movies, in terms of storytelling

Nintendo Dpad:
"Many gamers are becoming more and more accustomed to stories in games being increasingly involved. Unfortunately for all the hollywood budgets games seem to get, Quantic Dream's (Heavy Rain) CEO David Cage thinks we are no where near the quality of storytelling the movie industry has to offer."

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Product3166d ago

I feel ya, but movies still have my vote.

GameGambits3165d ago

Hideo Kojima takes a dump on anything weird nosed goober David Cage has to say.

If he's using his own games as examples then he's 100% right, because Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy had a piss story. I could go on and on about how terrible that games story and characters are. I don't expect Heavy Rain to be anything near what anyone is hyping it out to be and from what I've seen and heard it's main draw is that the graphics look shiny.

I'd love to be proven wrong though, but I expect Heavy Rain to have a very lukewarm response.

I hope for David Cages small brain and so far meh career he played all of the Metal Gear Solid games from start to finish. After playing them you should easily see that MOVIES could really do a good job of trying to get that engaging of an entertainment experience across a movie. My favorite movie is Fight Club, but it's a tie between MGS4 and that movie as to what was better.

wazzim3165d ago

JRPG's have already surpassed movies in the past, the emotional part is MASSIVELY increased when you are playing a game. I don't give a sh!t about movie characters but the game characters are MY characters, I have spent houres on grinding to level them up. I don't want them to die.

ReservoirDog3163165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

The problem is you can name all the games that provide a truly great storytelling on one hand.

Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, GTA IV, Half-Life 2 and MGS and that last one might be a stretch (it's a little corny in some parts throughout the series but you can't deny the microwave scene).

I'm not saying that's all but there aren't many. But try naming all the movies that have truly great storytelling. There's too many to even try.

Games have to mature in storytelling and the audience has to mature. It doesn't always need to have epic shoot outs and explosions everywhere. Heavy Rain is a good start but I hope the story, dialogue, directing and cinematography are good. Otherwise it'll suck. Badly.

edit: @above

You do get emotionally attached. That's true. But the way it's done is way too corny to get taken seriously. I do agree you get quite attached though.

edit again: I never say this but please explain why you disagree. I'd like an intelligent conversation.

Willio3165d ago

He OBVIOUSLY played Ratchet and Clank for his comparison. Logically, that is the only game that is nearly comparable in CG/gameplay graphics.

morganfell3165d ago

The Soul Reaver series says "hi" and by the way they are "full of crap."

mal_tez923165d ago

And I think the sequel does too.

ABizzel13165d ago

BS they only say this because movies have been around forever, and during their early days they were accepted, while video games still have a hard time being excepted by mass society, becuase they still think of them as a child's toy, or violent.

Currently stories in video games are just as good as many blockbusters which is why video games are being made into movies more than ever. And a recent example Uncharted 1 vs. Indiana Jones. Uncharted 1 takes the win, and U2 is supposed to be even better. Some video games have great stories some don't, some movies have great stories nowadays many don't.

Face Palm3165d ago

The MGS series has always had great story telling and MGS4's is better than a lot of actual movies.

*Waits for lame "Bu bu but MgS4 iZ a movie!!!" comment*

Christopher3165d ago

The only difference is that games don't have the same quantity of calibur writers. That's all. But, there are games that have gone above and beyond the average movie offering, it just doesn't happen often.

But, games are more immersive, meaningful, and have a lasting effect compared to movies. There's a difference between watching a big war and acting out a role in a big war.

Kornholic3165d ago

Games aren't definitely light years away from HOLLYWOOD movies. Just look at games such as Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid and so on.

nycredude3165d ago


Did you only watch one movie in your life or something. Indigo Prophecy was as close to a playing in a movie as you can get. I will admit the ending was wierd but the story wasn't half as "piss" as most american movies these days. Stop hating on heavy rain's David Cage and get off Kojima's c0ck. I he your boyfriend or something? Heavy Rain will be a different experience and I am glad for that and will part with my money cause I like games other than shooters.

jammy_703165d ago

films these days rely on special effects more than story teling, and games like uncharted and MGS could pass for a movie if it were real.

Serg3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I think the main problem is the manpower behind movies compared to games. In movies you have multiple professional directors and writers working on one film. In gaming, you often only have one guy who touched on the subject of creative writing in college who is writing the whole story.

The focus of developement in both regions is almost entirely different. When you make a movie you need a great story, because at the very simpliest base, a movie is just a changing picture with sound you stare at for 90 minutes. You can have it filled with tons and tons of expensive CG special effects, but if the story sucks, all the fancy explosions won't save you from the critics.

Games require a wider variety of fields. Programming (Ai, engine, gameplay, networking...), artwork (concept art, textures, skins, animation...), sound (music, voice acting, sound effects, ambience...) and the story, the setting etc. What I'm saying is, a lot of the manpower behind games goes into the technical developement processes that don't require a lot, or even none creative work.

Edit: For games, gameplay and new gameplay mechanics are more important than story telling.

Sure developers could hire people solely for story telling and/or directing. But the reality is they'd rather have 1 multitasking guy doing artwork, storytelling and directing. Because it's a lot cheaper for them.

This is not a general rule that ALL developers do it equally. But this is true for the majority of developement studios out there.

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Product3166d ago

I would have to agree with him, but I think they are 2 different breeds of entertainment which makes video games hard to achieve that kind of emotion.

Forbidden_Darkness3166d ago

I think Heavy Rain is one step closer to achieving that though

ndpad3166d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Nail on the head. Although this is coming from the makers of Heavy Rain.

Sarcasm3165d ago

Depends what they refer to as Storytelling. Many can argue that Bioshock's method of storytelling was amazing.

SupaPlaya3165d ago

games have more potential (though not realized by most games yet) than movies for story telling, just based on the interactivity alone.

The atmosphere in games can be great too, like in MGS4 when we first walked into the snowfield and that song started playing (what's the name again?)

xabmol3165d ago

I don't understand why games need to be movies when they have the potential to be so much more.

Tony P3165d ago

Wholeheartedly agree.

The defining aspect of games is user interaction. They should keep exploiting that not run away from it to be more like films.

I love that in some games you can thoroughly unearth the entire plot based on how you PLAY, like Braid. You can be the casual player and "save the princess" (the end of which has a great twist on its own) or you can dig deeper and get the real story behind the façade.