PC World: ATI Radeon HD5870 Reviewed & Rated

PC World: "ATI's brand new Radeon HD5870 is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market. It out-performs the last generation models in all of our tests, and it even edges out NVIDIA's GTX295 in some benchmarks too. Best of all, it does this while only consuming slightly more power at full load than last generation's graphics cards."

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Scenarist3134d ago

its obvious that it should outperform the current gen of cards
but I wonder how they will stack up against Nvidia when they are released. ... or how they will stack up period with the second revision..

Im scared that if i buy one now that yea " i will get good crysis performance " but when dirt 2 and other games hit the shelves that utilize dx10 ,,,, these will bottom feeder cards compared to whatever is released with dx11 games

GamerPS3603134d ago

a/c to benchmarks, this card rocks. I am really interested to get one but I will wait for another 5-6 month for x2 or nvidia.
I currently have 2 gtx 280 oc sli. And, one of these card performs as good as 2 of my card running together with half of the power consumption.

evrfighter3134d ago

keep in mind the drivers for these cards are still in the beta phase. Expect yet more performance out of these babies.

By the time I found out Newegg had em. It was already too late.

Only 3 brands up so far. I think I'll wait for an XFX version for their warranty and they usually look pretty nifty.

GEESE3134d ago

If it wasn't for them, we would be paying out the 4ss for a decent video card that uses more power and is louder.. **cough** Nvidia **cough**....keep those f()ckers on their toes.

Nihilism3134d ago

it seems those earlier benchmarks were slightly embellished

"Crysis Warhead managed an average of 34.5fps"

from what i gather that must be at 1900*1200 very high dx10- no aa,

the earlier benchmarks had me believing that the card would do 43 frames with 4aa at that rez, a major letdown

but i'll need to see more details benchmarks before i pass judgment

dirthurts3134d ago

for better drivers. You could see huge gains.

Nihilism3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

i'm sure there will be decent gains, but the fact remains that the first benchmarks from a few weeks ago were blatant lies

for a new card, that can't run crysis warhead at 1900*1200 at 4aa, i think it's a let down, i would have thought a 60 frame average with no aa at that resolution would be achievable, will have to wait to see what nvidia has to say about this

"We think a dual-GPU HD 5870 CrossFireX combination may allow at least 2X AA at 2560 with all "Enthusiast" settings. "

that would be crap load of money for any enthusiast who is currently running sli or crossfire, all for a small gain,

like i said the gt300 may be able to top this by a decent margin, but if not then this gen has been a major letdown, the 8800 cards were phenomenal, the gt200 series was also a phenomenal leap, and then we have a half step to where we are heading now

From these benchmarks:

we can gather that only a 30% increase over the gtx285 is made. Seeing as crossfire doesn't scale well i would think that means there's no where much to go, maybe the die shrink cards will do better

Major_Tom3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Umm, what are you talking about it's the fastest single slot, SINGLE GPU, card available.

As for Nvidia's GT300, rumor still is their yield sucks and from the looks of it their shady media tactics are getting everyone worried. Not that ATI+AMD has completely blown everyone out of the water as of lately, that isn't enough, but Nvidia showing signs of regression is just epic.

I for one am happy that Nvidia's monopoly is becoming undone. This is just G1(GEN1).

The 5870x2 will surely become a viable monster if ever conceived.

slinkey1233134d ago


I mostly agree with most of your post. But crossfire does infact scale well. I would actually say it scales better than SLI depending on the game.

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