New Final Fantasy Versus XIII info early next year

SCRAWL: "In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Square Enix has confirmed that we will get new information on the second title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, at the beginning of next year; which makes a hell lot of sense."

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Natsu X FairyTail3163d ago

next year's new info will be the announcement of the 2011 release date.

Jmlopezbr3163d ago

They didn't even announce the release date for XIII until recently... what makes you think they would announce Versus with a year to go.

PlayStation X3163d ago

about time they gave some info.

Aclay3163d ago

Nah, I highly doubt SquareEnix will be revealing a release date for it Early next year because they've only confirmed the Japanese release date for FFXIII not too long ago....If Versus XIII isn't coming out until 2011, the release date for it probably won't be announced until sometime in 2011 (Hopefully it releases worldwide in 2011).

I'm thinking that there might be a new Trailer, in addition to just new general info about the game (story, characters, more info on the gameplay, etc...)

It wouldn't really surprise me if Versus XIII went Multiplat., but with Nomura behind it, I have a pretty good feeling that it'll stay exclusive to the PS3 and I hope it does.

leeger3163d ago

it's the simultaneous release of FFvs13 on the 360 and PS3 by 2012.

badz1493163d ago

after 4 fvcking years and finally we'll only get a fvcking INFO...NEXT YEAR?? SE is so dead!

mastiffchild3163d ago

Well, since they were noth announced I was always more interested in Vs than FF13 itself(even though saying that now means you just have to be the most unreasonable Sony fanboy ever created!)as I prefer the looks, the setting and felt the battle system sounded more of an innovation for the benre than what they're using for FF113.

Sadly, though, with Nomura and everyone else with a clue being drafted away from Vs last year to ready DQ9 and FF13 I feel it's just not progressed in any meaningful way over the last 18 months or so. Because of this, and SE knowing people are eager to know more about Vs we get silly announcements about announcements to try and quell peoples fears but all it does it wind us up!

While I'd still be surprised if Vs changed from being a PS3 exclusive it wouldn't now be the earth shattering shock it may once have been-I doubt very much that SE would ever let it go multi in Japan, mind, and if there's amilti plat announcement to come it'll be hard to justify even just in the west and the wailing and gnashing of teeth would be monumental. Understandably so, as well, for PS3 owners who've seen SE change their mind a million times this generation while still not bringing them single game as of yet. Thing is after all the "exclusives" in the jrpg world that MS paid for will they be so bothered as to go down that street again without the knowledge that even FF13 has been a success for them?

It's highly unlikely, imo, that FF13 will sell better , even in the west with the lead 360 has in the US, on 360-I just imagine that like TR, SF and RE there is more fans among the PS3 demographic likely to buy FF games with their long PS heritage. MS would have to pre-empt the sales of FF13 to get SE to make Vs a multi and IDK if they(MS) have the stomach for another sales failure in the jrpg world as without Japan being a viable market for them, in software terms, all they can hope to do is spoil Sony's party and at what cost? This, and Nomura's position on Vs make me think it'll take something big for it to go multi.

We'll see, I guess, but as an owner of all three consoles and a decent rig I think I'd be far happier with MS if they just concentrated more on what they do best and keep the bg funding in the west and push development there-the dalliance with the Japanese market seems to have been an expensive learning experience and I imagine it's cost much more than they'll ever recoup-money that could have gone into games guaranteed to do much better in those markets where MS and 360 are really big, confident players.

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hulk_bash19873163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Such a tease. lol.

Anyways can't wait to see what direction Nomura-san took this game in. Kingdom Hearts Style gameplay FTW.

CaitSith3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Irritates me. Just spill the beans already, lol.

EDIT: If they were to announce a simultaneous release for this game in 2010 along with FFXIII in NA and EU AND FFXIV..Wow.

Noctis Aftermath3162d ago

but i want the info NOW!! *Stomps feet*

CryWolf3163d ago

Finally new info I hope it about gameplay and show other stuff for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Ravage273163d ago

i wish it is FF13Vs that is getting released next year... :/

S_Leonhart3163d ago


OmegaSlayer3163d ago

I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I won't bet a cent on exclusivity.

Cyrax_873163d ago

I think Square have only just started to realise that their RPGs bomb on the 360.

ssipmraw3163d ago


we all know they only supported the 360 in order to get a beta going

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