Sony to maintain 'pricing parity' for downloadable PSP games

Is it wrong to expect a downloadable game to be priced lower than its boxed retail equivalent? The cost of sending information through the intertubes seems much cheaper than packaging a plastic disc and shipping it halfway across the world.

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meepmoopmeep3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

i think DDL should be cheaper

Blaze9293223d ago

by all means it should be and it literally can be but they CANT because that would upset retailers and you cant upset the retailers. Some are already not too pleased at the PSP Go already.

claney3223d ago

you lose the cost of a physical booklet and a case but they make that up with charging for bandwidth, storage on thier severs and maintenance so thats why digital goods often end up being the same price as the physical product

SuperStrokey11233223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You cant honestly beleive that bandwidth and storage of somethign 1 gb in size costs the same as all the packaging, manufacturing, ruined copies due to error, postage/shipping costs, and manuals do you?

Also the way they went about this is wrong too, they should only have compared MSRP of games cause you can find cluvtuations of prices of individual games from place to place. Loss leaders, overstocks, simple sales etc. Only MSRP should be considered.

Ravage273223d ago

yep that was exactly what i was thinking

FamilyGuy3223d ago

BUT only to game retailers. Remember that you can/will be able to buy download codes and those PSN money cards from retail shops. These things are for people/kids without credit cards and the retailers will be making a profit off those sales because they get them at a lower cost.

That's just one thought on where the discount we should be getting went but really, they and many other companies do this because they know they can get away with it and it would definitely piss off brick and mortar retailers
I commend "Steam" for being outside this box.

tonsoffun3223d ago

then I can honestly say, I'm not upgrading.

there is no need to have a DDL the same price as a physical product, it can't be justified in any way, it's shafting the consumers.

claney3223d ago

i never said i believed it
but thats where they say the added
cost comes from

IdleLeeSiuLung3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Cutting out retailer profit alone should cover the cost of maintaining a digital license for someone, let alone all the other cost such as packaging, media, shipping and stolen merchandises.

Not to mention the retailer is able to price it lower. In my opinion, except for smaller DLC (which isn't practical to mass produce and sell on media), DLC itself adds little value compared to a physical copy. In almost every way does physical copy trump DLC.

However, it seems the younger generations much prefer the digital download due to space savings and ease of use nevermind the higher cost and no resale value (which in most cases are low anyways).

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Feral Gamer3223d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again, Sony can charge whatever they want on PSN so that's why I bought a PSP 3000 two days ago. I can get good deals on used games.

xabmol3223d ago

I like going to a shop on release day, having a case to set on my shelf, and a game I can hold in my hand.

I could have bought Patapon 2 off the PSN, but I wanted that case. Even though there is no UMD, I still think it looks nice sitting next to my PS2 collection with Patapon 1. Guess I'm just old fashioned.

Ju3223d ago

I for myself won't buy any UMDs any more. I don't trade 'em anyway. But what I can do with DLC is, I can play them on multiple PSPs as long as all of my PSPs are registered to my PSN id I can buy once play as many as I want (well, not sure, maybe the same limitations as any PSN games, like limited licenses and such). But saves a lot of money for me and the kids. I got 8GB for the kids and got myself a 16GB card. So I'm all set. And Media GO lets you manage the library on a PC.

SuperStrokey11233223d ago

Its not the same though, try and resell a DD game...

Oadif3223d ago

i dont really care, psp games are pretty cheap anyways. i cant wait until i get my psp go, my old psp is all taped up and scratched, and most of the games i play now are ps1 and psp games i downloaded from the store.

WanTeD3223d ago

If it's cheaper, no one would buy retail anymore, and shops will stop selling the games, which means the option of reselling your used games will be gone.

Price matching is good for everybody. Think you might resell it later? Get it retail. Period.

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