Dante's Inferno to include giant boobs at 60 FPS

At press events all across the summer, EA has been showing off various stages of Dante's Inferno. Limbo, Anger, and Heresy were shown at ComicCon, E3, and GC. Now, at TGS, EA has revealed Lust. Lust comprises of righteousness, epic bosses, and puzzles and will be one of the more shocking levels of the game. Of course, Lust wouldn't be complete without the bare breasted mega boss Cleopatra, either.

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FrankFoxJaegar3253d ago

... and it now becomes the ultimate GOW clone. Good to see it running @ 60FPS though, unlike GOW3.

gauntletpython3253d ago

Hahaha, wow. GOW had breasts, but DI's breasts are epicly proportioned! Image NSFW.

Blaze9293253d ago

I dont see anything NSFwhatever.

Dragun6193253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

God Of War 3 IS running at 60fps along with God Of War Collection also running at 60 Fps.

And iono about the breasts...especially after reading details from Kotaku's live EA press blog.

"1:02 crecente: Wow critters spawn out of cleopatras nipples
1:02 crecente: They crawl out and across her breasts. Pretty disgusting
1:03 crecente: Real world physics, btw "


CWMR3252d ago

-I absolutely can't wait for this game. After playing Dead Space it was abundantly obvious that this studio has major talent and I knew I had to play whatever they created next. Dante's Inferno looks stunning.-

Gun_Senshi3252d ago

god of war has interactive sex scene and nude bboobs

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ia_studio3253d ago

Now I need to buy this game for the breasts?
seriously they think us gamers are so immature???
They're obviously releasing it before god of war because they know they wont be able to compete against it, stupid rip-offish looking game.
Well I'll wait for the reviews, if their good I'll play it, If I play I'll judge.
PS3 FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

iANONYMOUS3253d ago

Not exactly,
Just because it's an adventure+action games that is packed with intense battle system and monster, you are going to say it's a rip-off.
Whatever you say, great games inspire developer, copy it and make it better, just like what happen to Doom and some other FPS game, copy and paste and enhance it. Not-a-ripoff. Please stop with this utterShit Rip-off.

Big breast, hurm, that "Cleopatra" are sure gonna kill me a lot, I cant concentrate if there's 2 big mountain bouncing infront of you..
Loving it~
So much adventure games coming out

grumpysmurf3252d ago

"Now I need to buy this game for the breasts?
seriously they think us gamers are so immature???"

Story went from 0 to 180 degrees in an hour -- sounds like they know what they're doin'!

3sq3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Meh, It's just a pair of boobs. If you have played God of War, there's a boss with more than 10 boobs.

P.S. If you want milk, play activision's games.

Sarcasm3252d ago

Ninja Gaiden has 4 sets of boobs that looks delicious. Momji, Ayane, Rachel, and Sonya. MMMmmm

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