TGS09: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Arrives October 27th

HellDescent writes: "Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 lead level designer Kim Swift has just revealed at TGS09 that the Left 4 Dead 2 demo will be arriving on October 27th for both PC and Xbox 360. Not many details were given at EA's conference but we can't wait to play the demo until the game officially launches on November 17th."

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KionicWarlord2223218d ago

Three days after forza 3...haha isnt that interesting .

Pandemic3218d ago

Woo, then us Austra...... Oh that's right, it's banned in Australia! *Rolls eyes*

Nelson M3218d ago

Have Absolutley Nothing to Look Forward too

tdrules3218d ago

PC Owners do, il be playing this until I get my PS3 back from Total Console Repairs

thor3218d ago

Cool I will play the demo and see if it's any better than the first one. If it's still short, cheesey, dated and repetitive then I'll give it a miss. If the single-player is fun, there's a lot of content, they've improved the graphics/weapon feel etc., and they've ditched the cheesy comedy horror for actual scary(ish) horror then I'll definitely buy this.

ceedubya93218d ago

You're a hard guy to please aren't ya??? lol

Oh well, you know what you like.

If its more of the same, I'll be happy with that. It was really a fun multiplayer game.....single player wasn't near as exciting. It seemed like a good first step.

More definitely needed to be added to justify the 60 dollar price tag though. The 30 dollar tag it has right now is about right.

beans3218d ago

Sorry thor but L4D is all about b-class zombie craziness. It will probably have some scary moments but for the most part will be fun with friends online that use mics.

jay23218d ago

TGS demo a month after TGS ends, TGS's last days 27th September, I smell (I hope) a typo.

Fishy Fingers3218d ago

It isn't a "TGS Demo", they just released info on the demo at TGS. It's not a typo.

omni_atlas3218d ago

It'll be great if the demo will be accessible by not pre-ordering.

Isn't that the purpose of a demo in the first place? To try it out before you buy?

Anyway, the game is banned over here in Australia; so hopefully they will find a solution soon or MW2 will just have to keep me happy.

Fishy Fingers3218d ago

Demo will be available via the Live market place and Steam. No need to pre-order.

tdrules3218d ago

People who preorder will get it before 27th

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