White Knight Chronicles 2 officially announced

Though White Knight Chronicles 2 was casually announced in an interview earlier this year, the game has officially been announced. Called White Knight Chronicles - The Awaken of the Light & Darkness , details are still slim on the title. Expect to see more on it at TGS later this week

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jack_burt0n3168d ago

Do you think demons souls and SO4 getting decent sales in the west will get sony to pull its act together when it comes to localisation?

YoungKiller253168d ago

Very good interesting question... I personally don't really know.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3168d ago

It is a start... so they know the money is there if others are starting to do it...

Lets hope we see more RPGs and other make there way here...and to the EU

meepmoopmeep3168d ago

i just want the first WKC already, sheesh

i was hoping they'd work on a Dark Cloud 3 next though for PS3

Dragun6193168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

You know they should, and I think they will if Sony does that PSN Import store stated in that Sega notes.

Anyways glad to see more Jrpgs coming to PS3. TGS hasn't even started yet and already 2 PS3 exclusives have been announced.

Yukuza 4 &
White Knight Chronicles 2 - The Awaken of the Light & Darkness

jack_burt0n3168d ago

I just hope wkc doesn't get swamped under the Q1 2010 games avalanche :P

whothedog3168d ago

If they sold the sub or dub patch on psn store and we consumers import the game I think that would be cool. But doubt it would happen.

iamtehpwn3168d ago

But I cannot hide my disappointment for no Dark Cloud 3 announcement.

Persistantthug3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

But it's the first ever RPG to do native 1080p as well.....



hulk_bash19873168d ago

I still think Sony made a mistake when they decided to hold the game until next year. With FFXIII out in April, there is very little chance for this game. Unless of course SE delays the release again. November of this year would have been a better release date for it.

BYE3168d ago

I don't think so. Sony will always overestimate the patience of western gamers.

koehler833168d ago

By Sony, you mean Level 5, Square Enix and Atlus?

Sony hasn't laid a finger on a single one of those games.

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3168d ago
Raoh3168d ago

You know what this means right?

We already have a locked in exclusive AAA in the U.S. for 2011

If yakuza 3 makes it to the states in 2010, we can expect yakuza 4 in 2011 as well..

meepmoopmeep3168d ago

i don't get it, what does this have to do with Yakuza?

Raoh3168d ago

white knight chronicles released last december in japan..

releasing 2010 in the U.S.

White knight chronicles 2 to be released (guess) end of 2010 giving the U.S. a release of 2011.

based on localization time frame for WKC and expected yakuza 3localization.

yukuza 3 released in japan feb 2009. following WKC time line, and yakuza 4 announcement at TGS you can expect yakuza 3 in mid to late 2010 in the U.S. and yakuza 4 announced next year for the U.S.

giving us about a years time from japan to u.s. releases..

based on this you pretty much have unannounced/announced 2 ps3 games locked in for 2011

try to keep up..

meepmoopmeep3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

they are 2 different companies and their localization process will differ, wouldn't it?

Raoh3168d ago

your absolutely correct. But i'm taking a guess in past and present localization process. it was pretty much the same for valkyria chronicles. WKC might have been out this holiday if it wasnt so crowded.

still an all with WKC2 and Y4 just now being announced, we know we can not expect them in 2010 for U.S. release.. Opening the window for 2011

meepmoopmeep3168d ago

yeah i hope Yakuza comes over soon as well, it's a huge game to localize though

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jams_shop3168d ago

Keep them coming. Anyway I'm going to declare for bankruptcy next year thanks to Sony.

j/k lol

Chris Hansen3168d ago

Ancient Heartbeat
The Awaken of the Light & Darkness

How the hell does Level-5 come up with such awesome subtitles?

meepmoopmeep3168d ago

they're on a whole other Level


ReservoirDog3163168d ago

Actually shouldn't it be The Awakening of the Light & Darkness? Or is it a bad translation?

Rocket Sauce3168d ago

They are great company that have fun time and much happy

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