Wii price drop confirmed: $199 starting this weekend

The rumors were true, and Nintendo's knight in shining armor is finally about to see its first-ever price drop. For nearly three years now, the console has sold briskly at $249.99, but beginning on September 27th at Best Buy (and everywhere else, naturally), the happy-go-lucky machine will be offered for just $199.99. Interestingly, it appears that suits at BB expect Nintendo to make an official announcement on the drop this Friday, yet retail stores won't begin selling at the discounted rate until Sunday. Something tells us that won't go over well, but we guess we've but a few days left 'til we find out exactly how the Big N plans to play this.

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meepmoopmeep3131d ago

i'll get one, but maybe later when Fragile comes out

The Shining3131d ago

I want to play Mario Galaxy 2, Metriod Prime Trilogy, new Zelda game and other so I think I'm gonna scoop one up. :D

meepmoopmeep3131d ago

hahaha, yeah, i'm not jumping for joy or really hyped to get one

i can't even count 5 games i really really want to play on the thing

vhero3131d ago

Still too expensive for last gen tech

LazyDevs3131d ago

They would have to pay me 200 bucks to take this turd of a machine.

JoySticksFTW3131d ago

Mostly for Link, Paper Mario, and the Virtual Console though

nycredude3131d ago

let me know know when they come out with games not names mario, zelda, etc. Besides with motion control coming to the other consoles soon Nintendo needs new hardware.

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swiftshot933131d ago

I dont think people have been waiting to buy a wii. If they wanted one, they would have bought one already, like the 360. I think this is to stay competitive with the PS3 in the value per dollar aspect. Consumers see a wii, but for $50 more, you can get the most High Def console, a blu-ray player, games people care about, and a large HDD serving as a media center.

darthv723131d ago

For $50 more you can get an elite with the new pricing on the 360 elite coming in at around $250. Add another $50 and you can get a ps3.

I understood what you meant. Either system is a good investment for the extra $$. A wii is fun though when you can get enough people to play. It just isnt a good single player system. 360 and ps3 make up for that.

EvilTwin3131d ago

Wii has sold fine thus far, though, even with the 360 arcade undercutting its price.

Nintendo has been aiming for a wider demographic with motion controls. But all of the willing "impulse buy" people who were there for $250 are pretty much tapped out. Three years on the market at the same price is pretty impressive for a gaming console. This cut is due.

And it makes sense for all three companies, really. We're getting out of a recession; people will slowly start to get some confidence back in buying luxuries, and a cheaper price for each console only sweetens the deal. I know I'm being tempted by the Slim.

ChickeyCantor3131d ago

" I think this is to stay competitive with the PS3 in the value per dollar aspect. Consumers see a wii, but for $50 more, you can get the most High Def console"

For 100 less you could almost get the same thing (Xbox360).
The Wii-mote plays a big roll as well.
If it wasn't then it wouldn't be selling like this.

Mahr3131d ago

Let the good times roll.

Goomba123131d ago

Wonder if any other announcements will come Friday...

Dsnyder3131d ago

Yeah this should have happened 2 years ago. Thamk the casual morons for keeping 50$ tech at such a high price for so long.... Even now Wii is too expensive. Xbox arcade is the same price but it probably does 10x more then the wii market is just screwed these days.

ChickeyCantor3131d ago

LOL ^.

Screwed up? or Personal preferences?
It sounds like you have a little hitler in you.

FinalomegaS3131d ago

Wii can browse the net, built in wifi and the Net browser is free download with updated flashplayer. Uses USB keyboard and you can surf the web even on your tube tv. Just wanted to point that out.

Maybe the Xbox can do a lot of other technical things that the wii can't but since you need to be gold member to have party chat and wii's wii chat is free I guess the only thing Nintendo needs to do is free up the friendcode system a bit. I think that is a big issue people have with it for making friends.

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