Yakuza 4 set to launch next spring

Examiner: Sega isn't wasting any time with the latest Yakuza title. According to the latest Famitsu issue, Yakuza 4 will be released exclusively for the Playstation 3 next spring in Japan.

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Dragun6193254d ago

Wow, TGS hasn't even started yet and already there's 2 PS3 exclusives announced.

Yakuza 4 &
White Knight Chronicles 2 - The Awaken of the Light & Darkness

Can't wait for Sony's TGS press confrenece

N4GAddict3254d ago

I'm praying for Legend of Dragoon 2.

ultimolu3254d ago

Yeah! :D

I hope the 3rd one comes here.

STARS3254d ago

That's awesome news for fans of the series in the Far East. Too bad we'll probably never see a localized version of Yakuza 3 here in the West, damn you SEGA. =/

cmrbe3254d ago

West Next year. Y3 that is.

SpaceSquirrel3254d ago

Hopefully, Sega will bring Kenzan and 4 as well.

STARS3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Wicked, thanks man. I didn't realize it was actually gonna make it over here. Bubbles to you for the info. And I agree, Squirrel. Hopefully people out here show enough interest in the game and give SEGA the heads-up to localize 4 and Kenzan as well.

cmrbe3254d ago

a couple of days ago which is excellent news.

mastiffchild3254d ago

What gets me is that they pushed Madworld and The Conduit so hard on the Wii-had poor sales-then said they'd continue that support. While that's great(and I really loved Madworld)it still makes no sense when they've NEVEr done the same on PS2 or 3 for a Yakuza game in the west.

How are they going to localize Y3? I'd be happy with just a patch for subtitles which would keep the price down for Seha and might even allow for a Y3/Kenzan dual release and with a push that could REALLY set up Y4 as a game to look forward to in the west.

I loved the first two games but they weren't properly released or stocked that well in the UK so when Sega moan about low sales I just don't get it-why have they always released so late and with so little marketing? Yakuza has NEVER had any kind of chance in the west and if they keep releasing so far after the fact in the west it'll remain that way-unless they do an amazing offer with Y3 and Kenzan! on the same disc. The series desernes a lot better, imo.

Still, great that it's finally coming as we always thoughtit would if we moaned enough!

Uzesgelen_Goo3254d ago

btw Yakuza 3 is coming in US/EU in this christmas or spring and Kenzan is coming on psn (cut down some stuff) shhhhhh...don't tell to anyone i said okay.....

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S_Leonhart3254d ago



lh_swe3254d ago

I have played 1+2 and they are awesome games and Yakuza 3+4 look to be even better.

N4G king3254d ago

Yakuza ???
over rated ??
are you sure you know anything about gaming ???

oh i see
you are just a lil 10 year old kid that his mom and dad got him an 360 arcade
and calls him self a "gamer"

Yakuza is one of the best beat em up games
sadly its underrated


got back to Google
do some research about GAIMNG and you'll know that the ps3 well win this just
just like time repeats it self

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The story is too old to be commented.