Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores include Halo 3: ODST and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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dustgavin3164d ago

Tales of Vesperia (PS3) - 9/9/9/8
Nina Gaiden Σ2 (PS3) 9/9/9/8
Halo 3: ODST (360) – 8/8/8/9
Shin Sengoku Musou MULTI RAID Special (PS3/360) – 8/8/8/8

Good scores all around.

YoungKiller253164d ago

i love how they do there scores very accurate compared to ign or game spot

sunnygrg3164d ago

For comparison purposes, Ninja Gaiden 2 got 9/9/8/8.

Sarcasm3164d ago

Nina Gaiden Σ2 (PS3) 9/9/9/8
Halo 3: ODST (360) – 8/8/8/9


Nina Gaiden Σ2 (PS3) - Japanese/Japanese/Japanese/Ame rican
Halo 3: ODST (360) – Japanese/Japanese/Japanese/Ame rican

jammy_703164d ago

then they find the average for the score, i think thats how reviews shud be! :)

theEnemy3164d ago

Tales of Vesperia (PS3) - 9/9/9/8
Nina Gaiden Σ 2 (PS3) 9/9/9/8
Halo 3: ODST (360) – 8/8/8/9

mindedone3164d ago

Perhaps they find bias in the scores you're reporting?

StanLee3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I think a lot of people would be surprised and disappointed at the positive reviews for Halo: ODST. It's very hard to label Famitsu a biased publication owned by Microsoft or American media with a conspiracy; the favorite laments of PS3 fanboys.

Edit @ all

Famitsu takes the approach of having 4 opinions for its review. All 4 have been consistent in the case of ODST. Why is it not enough to accept that Halo: ODST is a great game? It actually is.

Raoh3164d ago

I have a counter argument for you..

The only problem i see is that Famitsu doesnt seem to have any competition or counter scoring company.

in the u.s. we have ign/gamespot/gametrailers/game pro/gameinformer/etc etc

japan has famitsu..... (someone help me here are there any other companies?)

It's like allowing the world to judge us on what games we like based on gamespots reviews only

so the one problem with famitsu is that there is no second opinion

v1c1ous3164d ago

famitsu is known for grading based on hype as well.

SaberEdge3164d ago

Reviews are nothing but opinions, so of course people with different tastes are going to give different reviews. Especially when you are talking about cross cultural differences.

theEnemy3164d ago

lol, I never really cared about disagrees. ;)

TheBand1t3164d ago

Take Famitsu with a grain of salt for FPS reviews. Otherwise Haze beats ODST according to them.

Famitsu's Haze score: 9/8/9/8, 34/40

ODST: 8/8/8/9, 33/40

thewhoopimen3164d ago

lol that is hilarious! Haze > Halo:ODST in Japan. I have no problems with that assessment.

BYE3164d ago

That's intersting. I will look for more Famitsu FPS scores in the future rather than western reviewers cause I liked Haze and absolutely agree with their review on it.

bjornbear3163d ago

damn! PS3 shows its true power =D ODST gets fair grade...8, its a little much but its enough to shut those halo fanboys up so it'll suffice =)

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Raoh3164d ago

Trinity Universe (PS3) – 6/8/8/7

didn't fair so well

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