Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to feature new theme song

Just like previous titles, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will have a new theme song that will be featured in the TGS trailer.

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meepmoopmeep3102d ago

nice, i love MGS music. i listen to it quite often

GameGambits3101d ago

I hope they get the same woman who sang Snake Eater! :D

I LOVE that song from MGS3.

Etseix3102d ago

same here
Metal Gear's music, is awsome
hope the new soundtrack is =/= to previous MG ones ;)

Kattleox3102d ago

Metal Gear games always have their own theme, Snake Eater being the best example of this. However there is also a series theme--the general Metal Gear theme--that recurs through the games as well. I'm not surprised at this. I just want to know if this new song will be on par (or perhaps better?) than calling to the night, the other MGS theme this composer is responsible for.

Xandet3102d ago

Small, but awesome news! I love both Snake Eater and Portable Ops' theme songs.. climbing up that almost comically long ladder with the the Snake Eater theme in the background, man.. good times. Good times. I need to replay Subsistence now.

CryWolf3102d ago

Man I wish Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker would also be on PS3.

foxtheory3101d ago

I here ya. Even though this game looks epic, I'm not gonna buy a PSP just for it.

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