NZGamer GCA 09: Crossing Borders

NZGamer writes: "Yasuhide Kobayashi cuts a modest figure in his crinkled pants and sports jacket. He claims he didn't really know what to wear, and feels a bit over-dressed. He fusses about the stage in front of 150 or so delegates attending the afternoon session of D.I.C.E Summit Asia, at GCA 2009. But despite his broken and disjointed speech, translated live for us on headsets we picked up at the door, Kobayashi is clearly a man who knows what he is on about. The Senior Vice President of the Japan Studio of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (yes, the title is a bit of a mouthful) has come to talk to us about developing games for a worldwide market, where cultures and tastes vary so much between continents and countries. This man, who has had a hand in the decision making process around some of Sony's biggest games, has stories to tell."

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