NZGamer: Forza Motorsport 3: Hands On

NZGamer writes: "It didn't seem to matter whether I was sitting in the fancy bucket seat with its surround sound, high-tech steering mechanics and full pedal kit, or at the helm of the rather less glamourous Xbox controller... I still managed to suck pretty hard. But even when you slide in behind the controls for the very first time, with Forza Motorsport 3, you know you're playing something pretty special."

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INC NATE21313248d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing, I cant wait to get my hands on this game! DEMO THIS THURSDAY GUYS, 9/24/09 IS THE DEMO FOR FORZA 3!!!!

lordkemp0073248d ago

This game looks great, those recent gameplay videos were enough to convince me.

Budding Ayrton Sennas and Lewis Hamiltons i predict will be very happy chappies come October.