The Disney games you forgot existed

GamesRadar writes:

"Licensed games come and go, so most of us don't bat an eye when titles based on movies and TV shows fall into obscurity.

Today, they're ephemeral by nature, seemingly designed with an expiration date only as far off as the coinciding property's DVD release date.

Disney games, however, make for a far more fascinating retrospective. Good or bad, these are titles featuring the most beloved characters of all time, and their popularity spans across multiple mediums, cultures and generations! Whether you want to admit it or not, you - yes, you! - share some history with them."

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BlackIceJoe3160d ago

Wow I remember playing Pinocchio & Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast I still even own Toy Story for the Genesis. I remember that game was hard fighting Sid. I never played that version of DuckTales but I would love to see the game Capcom made come out as a downloadable game.

I also would love to see Talespin, Rescue Rangers & Darkwing Duck. I so would love to even see more games from the Genesis days come out as downloadable games but those ones are good to start with.