Why Halo 3 ODST Is Worth Every Penny

Chris Jager of Good Gear Guide writes: "Sometimes, you really are a bunch of whining, hatemongering kill-joys.

For the past few days, every other headline on seems to be a whiny protest letter directed at Microsoft Games Studios and Bungee. According to the vitriol, Halo 3 ODST is nothing but a DLC rush-job masquerading as a full-priced game. Oh ye of little faith. OF COURSE Halo 3 ODST is worth the money! It's an AAA+ game from Microsoft and Bungee. Did you really think they were going to drop the ball on this one? Compared to 90 per cent of console shooters, ODST is a work of genius."

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LordMarius3220d ago

What happened to Peter North?

3sq3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

He has life too, you know. Hey, I think I saw you at Joystiq.

The Shining3220d ago

You tell us Marius, where is Mr. North? Him being one of your MANY other accounts. Got bored and moved on to Sean Connery already? ;)

LordMarius3220d ago

Idiot why would I have another account I don't even use my allowed comments in any article,
And yes I am in Joystiq

csimpson3220d ago

I think a lot of the vitriol extends from the fact that many gamers simply want more and more, without a proper understanding of what goes into the production of a video game. It's understandable, but still pretty annoying.

thewhoopimen3220d ago

where are all these "writers" coming out of the woodworks lol? So many shills.

WenisWagon3220d ago

Yeah, all three of them.

DAVID BRENT3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

3 year old graphics engine
5 hour campaign
old multiplayer maps plus 3 new
at $60

not only would it have scored 5- (god i would have loved to have seen edge scores) it would have been ripped to shreds, i think HALO odst has actually done alot of good,as a gamer it has shown the inconsistencies and major biasness in the industry,one review (think gamereactor correct me if im wrong) stated he didnt play the multiplayer (though he still scored the whole game) because he prefers halo & gears how do you know you prefer halo/gears multiplayer when you havnt tried uncharteds?does that make sense to the most irrational fanboy? your reviewing a game review the whole game and leave your biasness at the door

CWMR3220d ago

-If what you are saying were true, Heavenly Sword should have received 5s and sixes from most gaming sites. It was short as hell (not much longer than ODST), had very little replay value and no co-op or online multiplayer modes. But reviewers didn't give it scores like that, because they judged it on its own merits.

You losers need to give it up. Having actually played ODST I can tell you that the game is extremely good and deserves the generally high praise that it is getting.-

waltercross3220d ago

Wasn't Heavenly Sword a new IP? and Launch title? or at least
one of the first games for the PS3. This could be why It's
score wasn't to bad.

DAVID BRENT3220d ago

it wasnt using a 3 year old engine

morganfell3220d ago

And Heavenly Sword wasn't as brief as people made it out to be. With Heavenly Sword we saw a systematic attempt to damn a game. Here we see a desperate attempt to save one.

KiRBY30003220d ago

1. because HALO is such a powerful franchise commercially speaking that the reviewers (or even the gamers) have no balls to tell their true opinion about it.

2. because ODST fvcks up the whole point of rating games, which is aknowledging the quality of what the gaming industry has to offer.

3. because it's been advertised as a full game but reviewed as an expansion (a "great expansion" doesnt equal a "great game" in my book).

4. because there is enough hype around this franchise to start questioning its true value instead of adding more and more hype. for the sake of gaming, lets expect more from the industry.

5. finally, and maybe most importantly, because there are TONS of other games right now which equals ODST in content and quality and even better games which i wont have to name. im not promoting or implying anything here. YOU should ask yourself what you want, dont let the hype decide for you.

Rofflecopter3220d ago

meh, I enjoyed playing through it last night, but I have some complaints.

Firefight was not as exciting as horde mode was, even playing split screen while drinking didn't change that. The night maps were pretty cool though in comparison with the daytime maps. They felt more intense.

The campaign started off so slow. Both myself and my roommate (who is a die hard halo fan) became bored, switched to firefight, and got bored again. Plus, once he found out that the multiplayer disc was just Halo 3 multiplayer with the map packs, he just turned off the console.

So, ODST was fun. but it wasn't AAA or $60 fun. I am, however, pumped for the Reach beta.

HolyOrangeCows3220d ago

1) Short, underwhelming Campaign.
2) Recycled Multiplayer with a few new maps.
3) Firefight doesn't have matchmaking.

TomDaSpartan3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

You have not played this game, try not to be so one sided. This game doesn't need defending. Comparing this games' length and quality to games like Heavenly Sword is ignorant.

The new firefight mode is simply put amazing. Last night, I spent 2 hours playing one firefight match with 3 other friends and not once did I get tired of playing. We accrued over a million points. Over 200 little grunts met their maker by my hands alone via vehicular gruntslaughter. It was awesome. I love the stats system Bungie has built for this. It accumulates all of your post game records and gives you a total for every enemy type you've killed, what weapons you used the most, medals, and even how many times you team kill, and more.

aaronisbla3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

they only mentioned Heavenly Sword because CWMR got all butthurt and mentioned it first. Hell, look at all of CWMR posts defending ODST, he's obsessed with HS for some reason.

Also, just because someone doesn't find a game to be amazing that you did find to be amazing, doesn't mean that person hasn't played it, how bout you try not to be so one sided?

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Rambles3220d ago

Excuse me, but Microsoft is a company that is often FILLED with epic fail. Vista anyone? Windows ME perhaps?!

Just because big studios make big games, doesn't mean it's any good. I judge every product based on its own merit and will wait and see.

But I also refuse to be a fanboi and just say, "Yeah, MS rocks my world!"

The Shining3220d ago

Seriously, just get a life.

SaberEdge3220d ago

But it is good. Seriously, just give it a try. It's easily one of the best games I have played this year.

Rhythmattic3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Honestly SaberEdge , Is it the only game you bought this year ? Maybe you only have a 360?

I'm new to 360 and Halo on consoles, I've finished the Campaign, and its good, not great.

{Flame Shield up} Personally I preferred Haze's campaign...

7 wold be my pick for SP. What saved it for me was the mix up of vehicles .... Not that it matters, its my personal opinion. I feel ODST is getting a free pass by many a gaming site.

Still online is where its at I believe and as yet I havent done so.

Regarding the Headline, having not Owned Halo3/Map Packs , I'm a consumer that thinks its fair value, and for those 360 Halo diehards, it should have been an option to DL the campaign at half the price.

As for me , I've played Much better games (SP) this year than ODST.

el zorro3220d ago

No wonder you don't like Halo 3 ODST, you actually liked Haze? Yuck!

ODST is really fun. I am enjoying it more than I enjoyed Killzone 2's campaign. KZ2 multiplayer is pretty fun though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3220d ago

Haze was atrocious! Barely worth the $10 I paid for it.

Rhythmattic3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Actually, I should of mentioned I Paid $20 Aus for Haze, and IMO had a better campaign than ODST.

Each to their own.

BTW, I wonder If I'm getting disagrees for the mention Haze, or the true value of ODST ?

ODST campaign better than K2 ? Fair-enough. Your choice.

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Bumpmapping3220d ago

Its worth every penny when you have nothing else to play this year lol

Pen Pooh3220d ago

For me, the multi player goodies make it worthwhile.

hulk_bash19873220d ago

Who already spent the money for all the MP Map Packs, its not. I really want the campaign and firefight modes, but I ain't giving Mircosoft more money for something I already have.

SnukaTheMan3220d ago

you can play a local match if you have another copy of halo 3....figure its a used copy of halo 3 and you got firefight and odst and your set.

ceedubya93220d ago

usually cost about 10 bucks? It seems like you are paying 10 bucks each for the original maps, all of the maps packs, the 3 new ones, Firefight, and the new campaign. That's not TOO bad when you break it down.

The problem comes into play when you start paying money for things that you already have. I didn't have all of the maps previously, so the 60 bucks I spent didn't bother me as much as someone who lives and breathes Halo.

hulk_bash19873219d ago

I already own all the Halo 3 MP map packs. From Heroic-Mytic I don't need the 2nd disc of the ODST Package, just the campaign and firefight modes. I ain't spending another 30 bucks on something I already bought.

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