NZGamer: Guitar Hero 5 Review

NZGamer writes: "It's hard to believe that Guitar Hero has only been around since November 2005 when you look at the dozen or so titles it has already spawned. The franchise has grown so large it has already made a significant cultural impact around the world. Some have even argued that the combination of music, a sense of timing and hand-eye co-ordination skills have aided music education in children and even the recovery of patients. But there is definitely no denying that Guitar Hero has influenced a massive shift in attitude between the music industry and video games. Back in 2005 the original Guitar Hero listed tracks were all performed as covers by studio musicians. Now later versions of the game not only contain proper recordings from the artists that made them famous, it even goes so far as to include rendered 3d models of famous music personalities as playable characters. More on that later."

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