Uncharted 2 gameplay will knock you off a train

SCRAWL: "Remember that teaser trailer.. wait, no. Remember what the box art to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves looks like? That ain't all for show, folks. You'll play that in-game. You see Drake grasping for his life on the end of a train falling off an arctic cliff? You'll be the one to save him."

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Dragun6192921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


Can't wait to get this game. Got this on preodered too along with Demon's souls Deluxe.

WildArmed2921d ago

No kidding!

Stopped this video like a minute into the video.
didnt want any major spoilers D:

*major media block active*

jwatt2921d ago

Wow! Seven minutes, I can't watch it!

Elvfam5112921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

just finish watching it amazing and that ladies and gentlemen deserves a 10/10

I just wish i knew that language

Edit @below

Yeah i guess it's the final build reviewers will nitpick any game that's on the ps3

beardpapa2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Is that the final build of the game? Remember that one review? 8/10 ? Long loading times? What loading times? Did you guys notice any?

Edit: WHOA that snow at 4:42 & 5:09 looks awesome.

thewhoopimen2921d ago

Where is that "mysteriously" long wait time? Was the reviewer b1tching about multiplayer? lol. Absolute BS nitpick.

xabmol2921d ago


So hard to resist... Must not...

Is it Roctober yet?! >.>

SnuggleBandit2921d ago

Thats not gameplay its teh CGI damn it ;)

beardpapa2921d ago


well that reviewer couldn't have been complaining about multiplayer since, they said they didn't wanna bother with it, preferring halo & gears multiplayer instead. Which I think Halo's multiplayer is a blast when playing with friends, and Gear is pretty neat cept for the bugs in 2... but neglecting a game's multiplayer (such as UC2's case) because of favoritism over another shows much unnecessary bias and pretty much gives us an idea how professional gaming journalism is these days, compared to the Genesis SNES days of Gamepro.

Ju2920d ago

They invented a new word. Its not CGI and its not gameplay, its now "Interactive CGI". That's what it is.

ultimolu2920d ago


Holy sh*t.

I also agree. Where's the load times? Yeah, someone pulled that "excuse" right out of their asses.

gmxracing2920d ago

i do like uncharted and i do want the new one when it comes out, this vid was not life changing for me, it looks like another great uncharted game but doesn't blow my mind. Of course that's just my opinion.

lordkemp0072920d ago

I am utterly speechless. I found it hard to tell what was gameplay or a cut scene.

Swedish Gamereator should hang their heads in shame.

BEWARE #### video contains spoilers, so i would advise the strong willed from watching this.

I alas wasn't strong willed enough.

Naughty Dog you have done us proud. Congratulations.

marinelife92920d ago

I refuse to watch the video and ruin my enjoyment in October.

And you all need to stop tempting me to watch the video. Quick someone say it's boring and full of jaggies.

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mistajeff2921d ago

F*ck. I've officially seen more of this game than I want to ahead of its release. Media blackout time!

SnuggleBandit2921d ago

ya i started a while back...really don't want to ruin this game

Berserk12921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"it only dose everything"

BXbomber2921d ago

u damn right it does, uncharted 2 destroys every 360 game this year lol including OSTD...oh srry i mean to say ODST lol.

blackbeld2920d ago

GOTY 2009

Damnnn i can not watch this.... spoiler movie!!!..... hmmm.. damnnn i just did... Can not wait for this game longer!!!

Isaahc2921d ago

wow it has improved a lot since its premier on VGA

Nitrowolf22921d ago

omg, either these people edited and added a fade effect during that chapter selection scene or ND really did mean almsot no load screen. Did u see how fast that was. 35 he picks a chapter or something then a second later bam. This game looks absolutly stunning.

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