Uncharted vs Uncharted 2 Graphic Comparison

Uncharted 2 is a beautiful game. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was also a beautiful game. It's amazing to see the graphical increase Naughty Dog was able to pull off, though.

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Whoooop3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Now, this is what I call real sequel improvement, even though Uncharted looks great.

That says a lot about ND's hard work.

YoungKiller253225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

no loading great graphics excellent cinematics and animations


by the way i think uncharted has awesome gameplay

Saaking3225d ago

It's extremely impressive indeed. I just can't believe how much ND improved the graphics. They deserve every bit of success they get. Certainly one of the best devs, if not the best this gen.

prowiew3225d ago

I didnt like the first uncharted that much. The sequel looks to be more impressive and will buy for the graphics alone.

YoungKiller253225d ago

never by for graphics alone did that with killzone 2 and i was dissappointed with it although a good game

cmrbe3225d ago

Why is KZ2 dissapointing to you?.

G3TDOWN3225d ago

Kanye west jumps in: But Halo had the best graphics of all time, best graphics of all time

ultimolu3225d ago

Kiko's reaction after seeing the screenshots: :o

YoungKiller253225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

i dont know i just found the story really repetitive they had you doing the same things over again run here shoot these guys, go there kill these dudes and for me there was no wow factor like that EPIC GAMING MOMENT like the final cutscene in MGS4 or when you snipe the guys arm off in COD4. ...
and i have put 90 hours into the multiplayer and unlocked everything so im pretty bored with it now

very true but idk i was just expecting more from it, i had unbelievably high expectations for the game

Add me: YoungKiller25 and lets play the Uncharted 2 beta

meepmoopmeep3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

this is what you call pushing the bar in a sequel.
(not just graphics)
that's what i'm talkin' about.

In Naughty Dog I Trust

October 13th is taking too long to git it's ass here

Saaking3225d ago

@young killer
Most FPS are the same though. Go here, kill bad guys, go there and kill bad guys again etc. . It's the multiplayer that pays off though.

jack_burt0n3225d ago

my only complaint about kz2 was it was 2 short, there was enough content but the story was a bit short. First one felt longer maybe I am wrong. Its a good sign tho cos makes u want another one.

ThanatosDMC3225d ago

Sad that Gears2 was compared to Uncharted 1, huh? Anybody have that link?

cmrbe3225d ago

Sort of agree. The script in KZ2 is piss poor that is true. I was looking forward to gunning down some helgast when i got onto the jeep but it ended up being just a cutscene. Perhaps there should have been more varied gameplay segments and longer too. The tank segment was too short as well as the Mech and new sun turret segment.

As for wow moments there were a couple for me. Its good to know and i hope gamers like you give GG their feed back to hopefully improve KZ3. I asked them to hire new writer lol!. KZ2 is still the best FPS for me. I think the problem is people had way too high expetations for it.

I don't have the beta but i will add you when i get U2.

Bimmer33225d ago

The thing I wish GG did more with Killzone is explain the background more. I read through that fairly long article that explains the whole background, and it's actually really interesting.

To be honest I really hope the next Killzone has you play as the Helghast against the ISA in the wars that happened previous to the current Killzone franchise, back when the Helghast were being oppressed by the ISA.

PS360PCROCKS3225d ago

I have the beta you can all add my PSN ID: alphakennywun85

Haha say it a few times out loud it's pretty funny, anyways if you wanna play and I'm on let's do it up. I don't have a mic though, haha and I kinda suck trying to get used to the game.

lovestruck063225d ago

i could see kayne west doing that he probably is an xbot anyways cuz he likes to be ignorant and piss people off by being a tool. good comparison ehhh.... made me laugh im surprised no one else has praised you for that comment.. haha
on topic uncharted 2 looks amazing cant wait to show my xbot friend it and make him realize that halo doesnt even compare its just a hype built by microsoft.

cmrbe3225d ago

The KZ universe is very detail and the story in KZ2 was like a flash in the pan which could have been so much better than most FPS game stories. I blame their writer for KZ2. The KZ story is so detail and very realistic because its inspired from early 20th European history. I hope the UCA will show up in KZ2. ISA is different from UCA. There are alos other outer colonies fractions which could come into play. We shall see.

Kleptic3225d ago

cmbre...I am going to go ahead and disagree with the 'piss poor scripting' notion towards killzone 2...

kz2 has EXCELLENT scripting imo...but i think you are not talking about actual single player scripting, and more with single player direction or something...the AI and scripting of kz2's single player were some of the best to date in an fps...checkpoints were placed in fair positions (give or take the last 2 sections or so on Elite)...but compared to something like the cod series, there was not one place where you had to reach some arbitrary line on the map before countless waves of enemies doing the EXACT same thing every time would appear...

that is what I am talking about...there still were lines needing to be crossed to turn off enemy spawns...but the AI was so good it was very difficult to notice them, each spawn of enemies would run to different locations, and would be different enemies entirely (some shock troopers would sprint at you, some rocketeers would stay back, etc...)...

but I agree otherwise...a little more depth in terms of vehicle fights or something would have been appreciated...GG seemed to focus on some mini boss battles more than 'levels in a vehicle'...there were a few changes of pace, but nothing major (only one level being completely built around a vehicle, and it was extremely short and almost impossible to die in)...

NewZealander3224d ago

playing the first uncharted on crushing right now...that platinum better be worth it!

cmrbe3224d ago

I meant the story/dialog script lol!. Definately not the A.I. The A.I is the most brutal in any FPS i played before and i absolutely completely loved it. My only wish it could have been a bit harder to near impposible on elite.

NicCageMYHero3224d ago

The character models have seen a minor improvement (pretty hard to improve much over U:DF) but wow, the backgrounds have SO MUCH more atmosphere and feeling in Uncharted 2.

Sarcasm3224d ago

"The character models have seen a minor improvement"

You cant base that off these small screens.

Just watch Uncharted 2 on a big HDTV. You can see the wrinkles in Drake's eyes! F'in wrinkles man.

NicCageMYHero3224d ago

I'm not saying they are BAD. Uncharted 1 had excellent character models and excellent locations. Uncharted 2 has excellent character models and INSANE locations/backgrounds.

beardpapa3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

What GG needs for their next game in the KZ universe is a new name. Do you really think Killzone is a name that sells itself? It's not imaginative and doesn't seem to make me want to look into it when seeing the word in a marketing ad. Killzone Killswitch.... I suppose it's the word "kill" doesn't ring a fine tune in your average daily consumer that's out looking for a game to get for their kids i.e. moms and dads.

Edit: On a side note, seems that Matt Furtado is trying to redeem himself. Also, if Sony keeps it up and pushes Uncharted, it may very well be its own "Indiana Jones" and Nathan Drake could become Sony's mascot. Since, well... Sony seems to be lacking a mascot to define itself. Nintendo got Mario. Microsoft got Master Chief. What is Sony's defining mascot?

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lordkemp0073225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

The light shining through the trees in the jungle -- Fantastic.

Naughty Dog you deserve a big pat on the back.

My way of thanks for your hard efforts will be a day one purchase.

meepmoopmeep3225d ago

yeah, the light casting through leaves really wowed me for my next-gen experience
same with the water and how Drake got wet and dried off

little touches like that really impress me