GameInformer: Halo 3:ODST Review

GameInformer: Someplace in the middle is where ODST will make its biggest impact. If, like me, you've found yourself slowly falling out of love with Halo over the years, ODST provides a fresh, exciting experience that rekindles your interest in this seminal sci-fi shooter.

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Lifendz3252d ago

At this point I have two options:
1) believe that MS bought reviews across the board or the reviewers were already biased in favor of the 360 or;
2) Bungie made a darn good Halo game.

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dericb113252d ago

Game Informer is a MS Tool.

Killzone 2 Review:

Just to add to the Reatardness:

That is right crap Riddick scored higher then Killzone 2

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kalebgray923252d ago

this game is a solid 8 nothing more

SnuggleBandit3252d ago

lifendz....i choose door number one!

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BRG90003252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I can't believe how many of you seem to really think that Microsoft paid off dozens of reviewers at just as many independent web sites to rank their game more highly than their true opinions. I won't even debate Microsoft's ethics, but do you guys REALLY think any company in the world could pull that off? Every person they offered money to would be instantly in a position to win all the fame and glory and credibility the video gaming community has to offer by calling them out publicly on it. Every gaming media publication and every game company's PR departments would be offering that person jobs, and hits on their site would go through the roof. There would probably be a lot more in it for them to call MS out than to take the bribe.

I hope it's just something that people here use as a tongue-in-cheek way of dismissing games, and not something they really believe. If they do, they need to either take off the tinfoil hats or actually put some thought into whether this is really realistic.

Lifendz3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I was going to mention Killzone 2 but thought better of it. It may have been a different reviewer and the games are on different consoles. I haven't played ODST but it is hard to believe that a game once slated as mere DLC or an expansion pack could compare to a full retail game like Killzone 2. But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway what's it matter? 360 gets ODST and PS3 gets Uncharted 2. None of this is going to matter anyway come 11/10/09.

PSN: Lifendz

rucky3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I don't actually believe MS pays for reviews, but do remember though that Game Informer is owned by Gamestop... and that alone says all.

soxfan20053252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


It's kind of like the people who believe that the 1969 Apollo 13 Moon landing was faked, and it's been a conspiracy for the last 40 years. Taking into account how many people would have had to be directly involved, and how many more people with knowledge of the conspiracy would have to be paid off to keep quiet for SO long, it would be easier to actually land a man on the moon than create the alleged conspiracy.

If MS was really paying people and websites for reviews, eventually someone would blow the whistle. And, based on the number of alleged "paid by MS" sites and reviewers that opposing fanboys claim that there are, finding someone to come forward with proof shouldn't be too hard. After all, that whistle-blower would stand to gain a LOT from the publicity. Yet, nobody has ever come forward.

@rucky - what does Gamestop have to do with it? Since Gamestop sells both PS3 and Xbox 360, it would be of NO benefit for them to favor MS over Sony. If Gamestop had an agenda, their best bet would be to give higher than deserved reviews to ALL games, so people might buy more from them.

gamesR4fun3252d ago

it looks jus like halo3 with the tv dimmed right down at the start then you turn on that visor thing and it looks like halo 3 with a cheap color filter. Plays just like halo3 man who needs devs to push out anything new when all they got ta do is rehash the same ol crap.

RonRico3252d ago

As an owner of both Riddick and KZ2, I can assure you the reviews they gave are not what most would have given. OMG try the Riddick multiplayer and tell me it deserves that score. Anyway I agree wit u.

CrazzyMan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Unless you are halo fanboy, which there are around 10 mln. in the world.. i don`t know, how anyone can rate it above 8.
I lost all my trust in reviews. Latest ODST reviews are clearly biased.

I mean come on, 6 hours great side story of Halo 3, but that`s it. And it get what? 9???
Some expansion pack is having more value for a gamer, than games like Killzone 2 or Infamous?????

The ODST is the last straw. It`s official, you need to remove 1-2 points from x360 exclusives and add 1-2 points to ps3 exclusives to get the real score.

Traveler3252d ago

Good score for ODST. GameInformer is one of my go-to sources for reviews, because their reviews are usually spot on in my opinion. I am sure Uncharted 2 is going to get an amazing review as well. GameInformer seem to always have the same feeling about games as me and Uncharted 2 and Halo 3 ODST were the two biggest games I was looking forward to this holiday.

darthv723252d ago

but if i had to give it a score it would be a 9. It is really good and just a shame that so many people who have no interest in the series at all are up in arms about this game. It really shouldnt matter to anyone other than fans of the series. It would be like commenting on the harry potter series if you are not a fan. What is the point???

I played it for quite a bit and was impressed at how it flows. Challenging at times especially when you run out of ammo and cant find any around. You will rely more on the covenant weapons than any other halo game. Considering there are more covenant around than USNC you can understand the availability is greater for covenant ammo.

I like this game. People really need to lay off that arent fans. If you really are a fan then you will appreciate the different direction this game takes you. It is a bit tricky to have to unlearn what you have learned. No radar to rely on so it is more of a sneak approach because you just dont know where the enemies are. The visor is sort of like the detective mode in batman arkham assylam. It comes in handy especially in low lit areas. In bright open areas it has no benefit.

The cross playable story lines of the different members is a nice touch. Definately a win for me. I never bought into the original map packs on live so having them in the package is a bonus. It may look like halo and it may sound like halo but it doesnt play like halo. The things you have come to rely on (rechargable energy shield, higher jump, backup units, usnc ammo everywhere...) just arent here in this game (at least from what I have played).

Bottom line this is a really good alternate playthrough of the events before halo 3. Should have been halo 2.5: odst.

All the hate has no real bearing other than to be decietful. Hate is wrong so those that hate on a game they have no intention of ever playing should be ashamed of themselves.

rucky3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


Hence why the suspiciously high review. You're telling me if they gave it a score lower than 9 it would not affect their sales? They want maximum profit especially since Halo is a big seller for them,

Point is they gave in to the hype much like everyone else just appease the fans. Like I said before, how can you expect the Halo franchise to evolve if the gaming media keeps giving it a free pass?

SaberEdge3252d ago

I bought Halo 3 ODST this morning and I agree with all the 9-and-above reviews. This game is making me fall in love with Halo all over again.

Kassanova073252d ago

How can a 60$ expansion pack score anything above 8?

Rhythmattic3252d ago

Episode 33 - 21/09/2009

ODST Review...

And no, this isnt a nobody site, Its a program produced by our non-commercial National Broadcaster, The ABC.

These guys are the least biased gaming reviewers I've seen.

BTW, Check out the real warthog !!! Awesome !

thewhoopimen3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I'd like to know how every one of you who has seen Independence Day or 28 days later, can say that ODST's War Torn cityscape themed game is a masterpiece. Its sooo empty and barren. Where are all the upturned parked vehicles, objects piled on the ground, dead people on the streets. Flies buzzing on the corpses, craters, half destroyed or collapsing buildings, dead soldiers,etc LOL. I think its a joke of a game setting and to me shows how poorly designed or limited this expansion is. There are NO new enemies, NO new weapons.

Honestly, I think Fear 2 did a better job portraying a ruined city. This is a barebones title with reused enemies and scenarios. Every video including the retarded driving AI screams obvious.

CWMR3252d ago

-The problem whoopimen is that you are judging everything from videos. I have been playing the game and it's a really good game, period.-

Canvas Of Flesh3252d ago

The 1969 Apollo 13 moon landing was fake. Apollo 13 never landed on anything. Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969.

ShadowCK3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

This is what goes off in PlayStation Fanboys heads:


ITT: People who have never played Halo 3: ODST.

Halo haters need to shut the hell up and play on their respective consoles rather than hate something they have never played.

Nikuma3251d ago

Game Informer is a Gamestop tool. They'll give anything a high rating if they think it will sell well. Fact.

PROFIT3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

i beat it in 3 hours

lol @ the 9.25 score, id give it a 6.5 or a 7. never above that though

I guess microsoft sent out some goodybags to the reviewers.

BRG90003251d ago

"There are NO new enemies, NO new weapons."

That is false, btw. There are both.


@ SaberEdge

Thank you, someone else feels the same as me. lol...

I am really loving it... I have always said i am a halo fan but I never liked halo 2 and 3 as much as CE. Playing this really does feel a lot more like the feeling i got playing CE and it does remmind me of that E3 halo 2 traier we never got to play.

If there is one thing that is clear now, the people that hate it will continue to hate it.. and the people that love it will continue to love it. There really is no convincing the other side.

It may have started off as download content, I am not even sure what i would class it as now.. but one thing is for sure, I am having more fun with this half ass, overpriced bit of DLC then I have with most other full priced, full games.. and yes I am enjoying this way more then Infamous, Resistance2, Gears of war 2, even halo 3. As a single player game i think it does deserve better scores then halo 3.

I would write a lot more, but now i got to finish the game. happy gaming.

Consoldtobots3251d ago

any "ps3 fan" that is in here knocking Halo is a part of the problem. Halo is a great series and why it would bother anyone that it gets high scores or great sales is what fanboys are made of.

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LordMarius3252d ago

Thats one short review for a high score

N4PS3G3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Obviously MS bought the review! didn't you get the memo? MS goes running and throwing checks to everyone! /end sarcasm/ *chuckles* haha

BRG90003252d ago

That's pretty lengthy for a magazine review I'd say...

Unicron3252d ago

Only a fool would think that revenue has no impact on review SCORES.

And only a fool would single out only Sony, MS, or Nintendo for such tactics.

ReviewsArePolitics3252d ago

"And only a fool would single out only Sony, MS, or Nintendo for such tactics. "

Certainly, but some parties are guilty than others. Only a fool would thing everyone is equally guilty.

Unicron3252d ago

Very true.

The Halo swag bags, Kane & Lynch firings are great examples. But some fanboys just don't wanna hear it.

People need to put their own opinions first already goddammit.

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Sean Connery3252d ago

I want a piece of that dinero M$'s been throwing around

3252d ago
El Botto3252d ago

A 9.25/10 is like a 7/10 on PS3 standards so Underhwelmo 3: ODST is top of the flops.
Hahaha we have Uncharted 2, you dont! Hahaha you have gaylo DLC.

beans3252d ago

Here come the non believers lol.

Black Maverick3252d ago

I always knew Halo was like a religious cult for you guys :P

Still ODST gets pretty good scores but all Halo games do as well. Not sure what people were expecting.

beans3252d ago

It's called Halotology I thought you knew. Either convert or be turned into an angry troll that forever roams N4G.

dkgshiz3252d ago

When you could rent it from gamefly or something. Your a fool to pay this kind of money for something so little.