Gran Turismo PSP Review - Play Unwired

Welcome back everyone! I'm sure you all missed Play Unwired as much as I did through its' closed maintenance upgrade. Sony was nice enough to pass a copy of Gran Turismo PSP my way, so I could review it for you guys. I have not yet been able to put down my PSP (in fact, I am playing it with my feet as I type this). If you are a fan of the Gran Turismo Series, GT PSP will not disappoint!

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Narutone663254d ago

They reviewed it as it is, no complainig about career mode, etc. Nice review overall. I'll be getting this game together with another PSP.

wazzim3253d ago

This guy knows how to review a game.
Even if you get only 50% of the home experience, it still rocks. People tend to review PSP games as console games instead of handheld games.

Why Dat3253d ago

This guy's review, though not as "beefy" as IGN's, broke up the information into nice "bite size" categories. I love it. Very simple to read and digest quickly.

DigitalAnalog3253d ago

This IS how to review a game. Going through every detail and judging it from it's merits!