PSU's top ten PSone classics on PSN

Psu writes, "Chances are if you're a PlayStation 3 owner, you've already subjected yourself to the seemingly endless delights found within Sony's online PlayStation Network service. Aside from the obvious pleasures of scrapping it out with fellow gamers online or downloading your favorite movie and TV shows, one of the most attractive prospects on PSN is its copious range of PSone classics up for grabs. Undisputed nostalgic value notwithstanding, these magic moments are made even more tantalizing given the fact that- as digital mediums – there's no fussing around with the disc or worrying about those pesky scratches hampering your enjoyment. They're embedded on your PS3 console for life"...

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Snake Raiser3168d ago

Final Fantasy 7 and Castelvania SOTN are two amazing games that I have only been able to enjoy thanks to Sony including this feature. I'm glad that they decided to do this.

calis3168d ago

If only they would release these in Australia.

We don't have Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Resident Evil.