Hey Microsoft, We Need More Games For Windows

PC World: "I want to like Microsoft's Games for Windows. The application costs me nothing. It has a sleek ice-blue overlay that's visually elegant and less obtrusive than Steam's "default on" pop-up dialogue boxes. It consolidates my Windows and Xbox game accounts and lets me access services folded in to augment demonstrative, supplemental, and social content. It's a one-stop shop for updates, downloads, and topical news.

And yet it's missing something. Something elemental. Something essential.

Like the games."

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GiantEnemyCrab3253d ago

I hate Microsoft because they have no exclusives and everything is 360/PC.

I hate Microsoft because they don't make enough PC games.

MS can't win it seems.

KionicWarlord2223253d ago

We both talked about this before .

Microsoft will always be in a chokehold in this situation .

Nihilism3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

you refer to microsoft as though they are great game developers, they killed off age of empires, they don't have alot going for them in the pc gaming arena, frankly as a pc gamer, i couldn't be happier that microsoft is not publishing games etc.

If your talking about companies porting 360 games to pc, that is not microsofts choice,

but your right about one thing, there aren't enough pc exclusives ( there are alot, but not many to my liking), so i'll take a decent port rather than have exclusives and exclusives only, that's just irrational console fanboy talk ( and i don't mean you, just the sort of thing you can expect from a console player)

I'm glad i can say that most of the best 360 games will also come to pc, + i get the exclusives

blaming microsoft for the multi-platform prevalence is like console players blaming microsoft for a bad port when crytek make crysis 2 multi-platform, it's got nothing to do with microsoft


yes but the u.s isn't the the whole world, halo is basically only popular in the u.s, because of the sterotypical marine, big man with a big gun complex, same with gears

KionicWarlord2223253d ago

Ms cut ensemble lose . But what was interesting was right after they did they made 3 other studios .

And apparently there independent .

Maybe will see age of empires again . But it`s nice to see them still advertise halo wars on there studios websites .

Probably going to be a sequel .

evrfighter3253d ago

This guy is a benchmark gamer. No self respecting pc gamer considers Games For Windows better than steam.

starchild3253d ago

I'm as pissed as any PC gamer that games like Alan Wake are not coming to the PC due to decisions Microsoft made, but I do understand what you mean GiantEnemyCrab. Microsoft has two platforms to worry about and I think they should just not pay any attention to the whining PS3 fanboys and put their games out on both platforms. Those games will still be games that in the console world can only be found on the 360 and not the PS3. All the talk from PS3 owners is just that, talk.

Rock Bottom3253d ago

Man that was your best post since like... ever!

Pandamobile3253d ago

Alan Wake is still listed on

Maybe they're just too lazy to remove it.

vhero3253d ago

OMG somebody actually wants games for windows?? It was the worst thing to ever come to Windows gaming...

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Pandamobile3253d ago

I've got 10 Games For Windows titles.

Only 2 use Live (thank god). I really prefer it that way. Live is an abomination compared to other gaming services like Xfire and Steam.

KionicWarlord2223253d ago

What game you have?

hmm..i know you have left 4 dead and team fortress .

Pandamobile3253d ago

Games for Windows games:

Crysis, Frontlines: Fuel of War, GRID, Gears of War, Crysis Warhead, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and Batman: Arhkam Asylum.

KionicWarlord2223253d ago

Ah...bioshock and batman?


wanderofys3253d ago

The only thing that irritates me is that I kind of enjoy getting Live achievements when playing Games for Windows games. I actually own a 360 (god forbid) and I thought it was neat that my Fallout 3 achievements transferred over to my achievement score.

However, I do understand your point. I do prefer Steam to Live, though I don't dig xfire so much

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swiftshot933253d ago

I think Reach should go to the PC as well as 360...I mean its the last Halo game from Bungie....

Pandamobile3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Halo isn't that big on PC.

At all.

Considering how poorly Halo 2 sold.


I'm more talking about Halo 2.

HDgamer3253d ago

because it was pirated just like crysis. But Crysis is the better game.

Pandamobile3253d ago

No, it sold poorly because there was no interest in the game.

And Crysis sold a million copies as of February, 2008. I'm sure it's nearing 2+ million by now.

free2game3653253d ago

Not really. Halo:CE on the PC is still one of the top 10 played PC games in the US.

Jamescagney3253d ago

The mistake they made was making Vista a neccessity to play Halo 2, as well as it coming on pc far too late.

KRONie3253d ago

i see 3 reasons why halo 2 failed on PC
1) It required expensive and bugged OS upgrade(vista is great its just that it really sucked when it came out)
2) Game was poorly ported
3) let's face it, it was pure s**t. graphics were terrible for the time, voice acting is even worse.

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Raf1k13253d ago

We don't need more games for Windows Live but we do need more games for Windows.

DeadlyFire3253d ago

Indeed. I say 2010 we will see a new push for PC gaming though. DirectX 11 and all coming. STALKER: CoP, DiRT 2, and few others being the first to push it out there.

PC gaming is fine and all and there are plenty of great exclusive games. Only reason they don't sell is most PC games don't have a giant publisher advertising them or praising them so many fall through the cracks or only release under a small publisher in their region. Some games start out as mods on the PC and some developers get a good start modding games like HL2, Crysis. Those open modding game engines.

I think with Open CL, OnLive, and these other things all popping up and supporting Mac/PC that Microsoft is gonna have to take a step in to take a look at things if it wishes to be the top player in this game anymore with also Google OS coming along and to be Free. I think 2010/2011 or so we will see Microsoft pay a little more attention to PC.

I am a little doubtful on the games they publish though. Last few were decent and all, but Halo 2 didn't have the release they were expecting. Although I still expect Halo 3 for PC at some point. The DLC is done with ODST out so its likely that at some point the PC version of Halo 3 will come with all the DLC. 2010/2011? Hopefully maybe something else comes to PC as well though from them.

Nihilism3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

the writer of this article is clearly a deluded m.s fanboy

"It has a sleek ice-blue overlay that's visually elegant and less obtrusive than Steam's "default on" pop-up dialogue boxes"


GFWL sucks, after the issues with games like dawn of war 2 requiring both steam and games for windows live, i vowed to no longer buy any game with that affiliation. I hate third party programs, but steam i can handle, i was reluctant to go that route at all ( and i still don't buy games on steam)

but GFWL is slow as hell, the fallout 3 dlc took me ages to download, and i didn't download it the day of release so they have no excuse.

Unless you manually re-locate the dlc files you are forced to be online at all times lest you cannot play and save your game, i chose to torrent all of the dlc after the first 2

EDIT: another disagree from crab i take it, should i say "yeah sut microsoft some slack you guyyyzz", your 2 points are null and void, the multiplats don't affect console gamers as their games don't get dumbed down, and for pc gamers it means we get more games, and you second point that microsoft don't make pc game, who f-ing cares, i just want a decent O.S from them, other than that they can go f- themselves


i clearly stated my dislike of all third party gaming apps, and said that i don't buy games on there, i don't know how much clearer i can make myself, do i need to write in all caps??

I've got no problem with the games for window thing ( as it's just a sticker that says the game is m.s certified to work with their O.S), but any game that requires you to be online all the time, or use a sub par third party app is just f-ed aka 'games for windows LIVE'

starchild3253d ago

Steam is far from perfect as well. There is no perfect service.

Pandamobile3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Steam's not perfect, but it's damn near it.

It's got a gigantic library of content at your disposal. It's an awesome chat application. It automatically patches your games. It's got a robust community feature built in to it. Achievements. Server browser. In-game web browser, and lots of other features. Allin one neat little package.

My only real beef with it is the offline mode kinda sucks, but I really don't care because I'm always online.

Major_Tom3253d ago

there's no way to defend GFWL. Seriously, you can't polish a turd.

zagibu3253d ago

Depends on the consistency of the turd. Hard turds can be polished.

But I guess you are talking about games here...

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