Fat Princess Class Guide

A comprehensive and streamlined guide to the class and weapon balancing of Fat Princess.

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Wakka_3164d ago

I see nobody talks about this flop anymore.

toxic273164d ago

You're right! I think everyone is playing it instead!

frnkyl3164d ago

Anyone hear any good news for Halo Wars? Oh wait, that's right, stats got erased. XD No one talks about that "flop" anymore either :P

xabmol3164d ago

How can they leave out the most important class?! The Worker is a BEAST!!

But they don't seem to care... >.>

Gryffin3164d ago

Hey, thanks for catching that mistake. Of course, we studied the Worker as well. And now the post has been updated. Sorry for the error.

whothedog3164d ago

Too bad they are messing with the stats of the classes soon in an up coming patch :P

No, I always wondered about the mage what the difference was between fire and ice damage wise. Thanks.

ia_studio3164d ago

they forgot the reaper. It's the best class of them all.

xabmol3164d ago

Nice! Thanks for the update.

Strange the charged attack deals the same damage. A lil disappointing too. Never would have thought that the charged up axe would be the most powerful ether.

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Ravage273164d ago

i still have little clue what the dark priest aoe atk does :p

colossi163164d ago

I think the dark mage are the most destructive, they suck up the opponents health. Pretty quick too.

Gryffin3164d ago

The Charge row indicates the AOE attack for the Priests and Mages. The Dark Priest AOE Attack does No damage, confuses enemies so that their directional controls are wonky, and prevents them from being able to be healed during the duration of the curse.