Gamer: ModNation Racers Hands-On Preview

Gamer writes: "LittleBigRacer? Track Mania for small children? If you do not know better, you ModNation Racers quickly write off as a forced attempt at the success of LittleBigPlanet building. We also got that impression when the game was announced at the recent E3. The Gamescom in Cologne but we got a presentation from the developers themselves and the ability to build a track. We were then invited to a real "ModNation Racers workshop" by Sony."

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Nitrowolf23162d ago

i cannot wait for this racing game. I love thise create-share-play theme, and how the implemented it in this.

SmokingMonkey3162d ago

I haven't tried my LBPgoty code in awhile.

But I would really like to know when the beta actually starts, especially since I am missing out on the MAG beta.

(MAG question; Can you fly helicopter/planes in MAG?)