Halo 3: ODST: Another Take

IGN says"Despite having "Halo 3" in the title, the new Halo 3: ODST isn't like any other game in the series. Sure, there are many similar elements – you fight the Covenant, there are some memorable action set pieces, and most of Halo 3's weaponry has returned – but the campaign is a very different experience. You play as an ODST, which puts you halfway between being Master Chief and a regular marine. That means every enemy is just a touch tougher than they were in Halo 3 and life is a bit more precious. Like Halo 2, you switch between different perspectives. But this time it doesn't hinder the pacing"...

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40cal3221d ago

"You get a Warthog and are ordered to drive, rather than man the turret. When I tried to take the turret, my AI partner decided to take the passenger seat. We had no driver. We sat there. You have to manipulate the AI to finally get into the driver's seat, but by that point the vehicle (your) escorting can easily be destroyed"

That is some stupid AI. You would think that your AI counterpart would only jump into the drivers seat, I guess not though.

The FIREFIGHT Mode dose sound very bad ass though. This guy from IGN thinks that FIREFIGHT, a single mode, is worth $60.00 alone. Interesting.

tripewire3221d ago

"we were not paid to create hype for this game".

IGN is just sad now.