How is Forza 3 Better Than Forza 2? The Game's Designer Speaks

G4TV says, "Forza Motorsport 3 for the 360 is coming out on October 23rd. Along with over 100 more cars and a ton of new tracks, Microsoft's racer aims to extend the realism of the previous Forza 2, offering more realistic damage, roll-over damage, in-car view and tons of other improvements. The game's multiplayer architecture aims to compete with top-tier FPS out there".

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soxfan20053222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I'm mostly looking forward to all of the new tracks. Track variety is the most important contributor to longevity in a racing game. As long as there is a fresh variety of tracks to race on, as well as the potential to unlock more, the game will never become stale. Forza 3 seems to have a nice blend of real world and developer designed tracks.

Can't wait to see the new graphics engine first-hand also - looks amazing.

2 days until the demo!!!

JOLLY13222d ago

Yeah, I can't wait for the demo. between that and firefight. I will be up some late nights.

YoungKiller253222d ago

i cant wait for all the new excitements at tokyo gameshow 09'

renegade3222d ago

looking foward to it and gt5...