Kombo: Scribblenauts Review

Kombo writes: "Scribblenauts is a puzzle game where everything and nothing can be the answer. You play as Maxwell, a boy who has the power to summon anything he writes. It comes in handy as you collect "Starites" and progress through the over 100 puzzles. Whereas most puzzle games adhere to strict rules and concrete methods, Scribblenauts is more about using your imagination and creativity to play in the world's first sandbox style puzzle game. If you have a large vocabulary you'll be putting it to the test to find elegant or extravagant answers to the puzzles questions.

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Give a kid an expensive toy and they will play with the cardboard box the toy comes in. While a toy might be fancy and wonderful, it limits the imagination to its specific function. A cardboard box is a blank slate and can be anything that you imagine. Scribblenauts is a lot like a cardboard box in that respect..."

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