AMD announces consumer 6-core CPU

Fudzilla: "We've written about this before, but now it's official as AMD has confirmed that its six-core CPU codenamed Thuban will hit the consumer market in 2010, all the while being compatible with the current crop of AM3 and AM2+ motherboards."

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likedamaster3248d ago

6-core? Fine! But when do we get the 8-core beast?

Nihilism3248d ago

that's awesome, intel is gonna have some major competition this year, especially is the rumors are true about the first 6 core from intel being an 'extreme model' and costing a fortune, also the rumored clocks for it are only 2.4ghz!, of course it could be b.s but you never know, average clock speeds for processors haven't exactly jumped recently (not including overclocks)

I would be very interesting in getting a 6 core amd depending on the benchies, the i7 went either way with benchmarks over c2q and phenom, sometimes better, sometimes not, next year should should see some across the board thrashings