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College kid gets high, assaults police, blames Saints Row

Dominic Anderson, a college kid in England, got high with some of his friends and played a little Saints Row. Seems friendly enough, right? Well, his stash must've been tainted because next thing you know, Anderson is slitting his wrists and trying to stab himself in the chest with a 12" kitchen knife.

At about 11pm local time, Anderson stormed out of his apartment and into the streets. His crazed and bloodied antics included trying to rip people out of their cars, and even hopping onto the hoods of moving cars as he attempted to stab those inside the vehicles through the windshields. (Culture, Saints Row, Xbox 360)

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The BS Police  +   2912d ago
Saints Row is not to blame.
The Drugs are to blame... common sence that drugs are bad for you.
ItsDubC  +   2912d ago
No scientific study has ever shown that cannibus alone can compel someone to act violent, only government propaganda media such as the movie Reefer Madness.

Drugs may be bad for you, but particular drugs induce particular human responses. Caffeine, for example, does not inhibit motor skills the way alcohol does.
PS3 Owns All  +   2912d ago
First its the GTA act now its Saint's Row ROFL! I wonder whats next........a college stupid meleeing a random person with a gun then blaming it on Halo? lol
Texas GMR  +   2912d ago
Uh-oh, beware, Jack Thompson is close by! :-)
gta_cb  +   2912d ago
where is that guy?.... Jack Thompson i think! he would love to see this news! and his campain is stronger then ever!
The BS Police  +   2912d ago
"college stupid meleeing a random person with a gun then blaming it on Halo? lol"

Jack Thompson allready balmed the DC Sniper shootings on Halo, sad but true.

"No scientific study has ever shown that cannibus alone can compel someone to act violent, only government propaganda media such as the movie Reefer Madness.

Drugs may be bad for you, but particular drugs induce particular human responses. Caffeine, for example, does not inhibit motor skills the way alcohol does."

As far as I'm concerned any drug can cause harmfull effects or make you violent, sure there are scientific studies, but they prove nothing, they are jsut studies, no diffirent than Video games make people violent studies.

I hate drugs, and I hate it when people say which ones are bad and which ones are not, becuase as far as I'm concerned if a drug is illegal, it is illegal for very good reasons.

I know people who claim they do drugs in moderation, but I refuse to participate in it.
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Pheneus  +   2912d ago
What kind of pot was he smoking?
Seriously this kid is just a tard. Maybe on acid he might have done something like this in a hallucination, or on really bad shrooms, but seriously, this kid is probably just deranged in general.
fenderputty  +   2912d ago
Exactly what I was thinkin'
Neither video games nor pot makes you do this stuff.

I'm thinking the kid was already f'ed up in the head and decided that lacing hit weed with acid would be a good idea. It sounds like he's on PCP in the story.
InMyOpinion  +   2912d ago
Sounds like he was on a mix of PCP, GHB, ecstasy, alcohol, pot, kat, some mescaline and a big hit of crystal meth. Why don't they mention anything about his background? It's all black and white in the medias.
PhinneousD  +   2912d ago
can't own up to his responsibilities and blames weed and saint's row? this guy's a douche.
Syko  +   2912d ago
Sad, but True...
This would have never happened here in America....The kid would've have grabbed a gun instead.
sajj316  +   2912d ago
sadfully (is that a word?) agree ...
Americans would have grabbed a gun
toniez7  +   2912d ago
Do the research
Im sure if you did the research, you will find this kid rode the little yellow school bus as a child.

So in other words friends should never let slow friends do drugs.
Syko  +   2912d ago
Or Mabye
He was in the mood for a little "Ultra Violence"

Sorry to the young ones who don't get the reference.
Robotz Rule  +   2912d ago
Expect the worst.....
When GTA IV come out!:O

And dude's a poor bastard!

People need to grow up and realize it's their own fault for the actions they take instead of blaming others for their problems!
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gta_cb  +   2912d ago
omg yeh! when GTA comes out there is gonna be a riot! especially with it being more realistic looking lol! i can imagen it now

"i though i was playing as a video character as the dude in GTA IV!" says the insane boy!
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
wtf weed doesn't cause you to do this...that shi* makes you lazy and happy not psychotic. This kid was on some crazy drugs.
Syko  +   2912d ago
We need to start importing UK Weed instead of Mexico Weed. Cause that sounds way better than any stuff I've gotten here.In all seriousness however,It sounds like it was laced with PCP(Angel Dust). But I thought that was a fairly localized drug in the states. I could be wrong though.
sumfood4u  +   2912d ago
HE'S COCO FOR CRACK! STOP BLAMING GAMES FOR DRUG PROBLEMS. He might of had his weed laced with crack, cause him to jump on car hoods! Instead of him blaming it on Saints Row, why now say Frogger since cars were involved, an he almost croaked! Believe It!
gta_cb  +   2912d ago
"and even hopping onto the hoods of moving cars as he attempted to stab those inside the vehicles through the windshields."
ummm ok i think he mite just be an insane person! no one could say video games made me do it!
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2912d ago
My mom smoked weed!
My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me. Thats what the doctors told me. And a list of other things.

I never heard of her doing this, so it must be false.
Rockstar  +   2912d ago
Oh Ignorant Fanboy...

Your plight is quite hilarious.
socalr6  +   2912d ago
Get a Mauser Yankee!!
I sometimes wish I could take out a KAR98 on some dumb folk and taggers
Sykro  +   2912d ago
Here it comes
Jack Thompson is always lurking in dark alleys waiting for things like this to happen. Expect a law-suit to come trying to stop the upcoming release of the PS3 version of saints row, which is perfect for him since this is a GTA clone and he can no longer sue Take-Two or Rockstar games.
Skynetone  +   2912d ago
A friend sliped the 12 inch blade into his pocket while he was going to get his bus. while running to catch his bus, instead of pulling out some change he pulled out the 12 inch blade at that moment he got struck by a car landing up on the bonet, being upset he went to talk to the driver
Wargasm  +   2912d ago
Dear whosoever makes saints row.....

You are potentially legally liable for that english student attacking himself as well as police officers, because i say so. I am going to sue you for what you are worth... because you know what they say.... 112th times the charm!

Jack thompson
snoop_dizzle  +   2912d ago
the demon Jack Thompson has been summmoned
PS360PCROCKS  +   2912d ago
I don't get the sean connery thing...an idol?
Ban Me  +   2911d ago
Haha... I like to smoke weed and I'm actually of to Amsterdam next week so I might have to play some Saint's Row before I go.

I wonder what will happen?

Nothing, that's what.

That's because I'm not a mentally unballanced nut-job!

You've got to love the knee-jerk reaction of the media.

It's all about finding something to blame. Anything except the real cause of the problem.

Weed or no weed. Saint's Row or no Saint's Row... the guy was obviously harbouring some psychotic tendancies that would have manifested themselves sooner or later regardless of what the trigger was.

Oh, and Jack Thompson can suck my balls.
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AzaziL  +   2911d ago
Wonder if this is the reason for the new GTA
We don't have any details yet, but it's obvious that GTA is trying to stray away from the typical young street thug image that was captured by it's previous title as well as this game, saint's row. Why you make a game that puts you in the shoes of some thug that looks like he just got out of high school like half of em, and I mean the full 4 years, it's bound to be an easy target for people to say it's made to influence the young'ns. Now we play as a middle aged russian so I'd like to see some punk kid try to say a thirty sumthin year old video game character influenced his actions. These kinds of cases are pathetic and it's just more of the same, remember when rock music was influencing violence, then it was movies, and now games. I can't wait for virtual reality, their next.
Ban Me  +   2911d ago
Agreed, it's all about shifting the blame.
Cartesian3D  +   2911d ago
I love this topic...
Xbox fans and PS3 fans and multiplatform guys.. all said the same...

"this is just BS".. :P .. be friend guys :)

sometimes we need these kind of topics .. no flame war and all gamers are in ONE side..

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