Modern Warfare 2's Coop mode in video

Live360 writes : "As you may know, the last weekend was the occasion for a large audience to see the upcoming games during a Videogame Festival in Paris. And Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 was playable. We couldn't let go the possibility to have an hands-on with the game, especially the cooperative mode. Let's have a look in this exclusive video... Fragged !"

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arakouftaian3254d ago

and how many tiems he has to get shot to die? wtf is this? and don't tell me cod is not a sim simulator, thats what they are but cant never get it is just a arcade game with a very nice history mode and a arcade multiplayer i may get this if i find it around $30 or less sometime before the next cod comes out, i mean come on you shut them they die but you cant die wtf how boring and retaded ai this is same retarded ai that cod4 had how sad :(