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Keyan of writes, "The reviews for Halo 3: ODST have been all over the place. Opposable Thumbs, CHUD, and other sites all came down on the game with little favor, lamenting the campaign mode thoroughly. But having now played through the earlier sections of that mode firsthand, their complaints seem heavy handed or even deliberately deceitful."

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Silellak3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"Regardless, Tycho at Penny-Arcade summed things up pretty succinctly yesterday when he said, “At this point, I feel like you know if you want more Halo.” If you do, this game seems plenty happy to oblige."

Exactly. That's what ODST really boils down to. Do you or don't you want more Halo? Me - I'm tired of the FPS genre entirely, so I doubt I'll even rent this. I just don't comprehend the hatred that non-360 owners have shown towards this game on N4G. It's clearly a Halo game designed for the fans, and if you don't care for Halo, of course you aren't going to care for this. For millions of gamers though, more Halo is always a good thing - and more power to them.

Moduserous3254d ago

Agreed - but please approve my article - LoL!

GiantEnemyCrab3254d ago


I can tell you that the reviews for ODST have done nothing to convince me one way or the other.. Absolutely useless.

glennc3254d ago

what's to know? it's more halo... either you want it or you don't. there will be nothing wrong with the game, it just sounds a bit short. this is one game i am not even bothering to read many reviews as i already know what i am getting. plus the differences in reviews for this game really bring out the problem with reviews in general.

this game has been hyped and there are reviewers out there that can't get past that to give an unbiased review. the hype and the game really have nothing to do with each other. the hype doesn't affect the game quality one bit, just idiot reviewers who think a hyped game should be the best game ever or they are going to rank it way down.