Uncharted 2 Isn't the Last of Uncharted

Dustin @ PS3Center writes:

Early on Amy Hennig was asked "Is this the last of Uncharted" in a means that Naughty Dog is moving on with something else? With a reply "No, Uncharted will keep coming as long as the fans want it." Explaining that Uncharted is a franchise that has the capability to continue for years to come, so in other words Naughty Dog is more than ready to make a third.

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Silellak3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Why would anyone expect it to be? It was clearly designed as a long-running franchise from the first game, hence the subtitle.

There were three Jak and Daxter games, so I always expected at least three Uncharted games. Especially since the PS3 likely still has a long life ahead of it.

After playing through the first game, and the MP demo for the second one, I welcome as many as they're willing to make, assuming they can make sure it always feels fresh - and so far they've proven they have the talent to do so.

Nakiro3249d ago

No idea.. but I like the fact that they aren't restraining themselves to a trilogy like most of the other series.

cmrbe3249d ago

As long as they keep on imporving like they did from U1 to U2 i am fine with another one.

heroicjanitor3249d ago

It is unmatched technically, with only killzone 2 giving it any competition whatsoever.

gaffyh3249d ago

@1 - I think cos Naughty Dog mentioned that they wanted to move on from Uncharted, I can't remember where they said that though. As if they were hinting at maybe going back to Jak & Daxter.

CadDad3249d ago

This is very good news for me as I loved the first one and have a major chubby for the 2nd!


ThanatosDMC3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I bet Sony will eventually unlock the 8th SPE on the PS3 later on for devs to mess with. I bet that'll make 'em happy after so many years of understanding the PS3.

Aclay3249d ago

I would love another Uncharted, and even though I'm probably in the minority when I say this, I would prefer Naughty Dog go back to Jak and Daxter for at least ONE more game and then do another Uncharted next.

I would love for the next Uncharted to be a less linear Open World game or an Uncharted game like Metal Gear Solid 3 where the gameplay is somewhat linear, but you have to Hunt your own food, and Heal your own wounds with Medical Supplies you find... now that would be pretty cool to me....if Naughty Dog does either of those things, then I say bring on the next Uncharted right away, but if not and it's pretty much the same as Uncharted 2 gameplay wise, I say give me a another Jak and Daxter first.

Rock Bottom3249d ago

Where are you Captain obvious?

Information Minister3249d ago

That is highly unlikely. The reason why Sony disabled the 8th Synergistic Processing Element is because that way they could use processors with 1 defective SPE, therefore cutting costs by minimizing the number of unusable hardware coming out of their assembly lines.

That means that many PS3 systems out there have a defective and/or non-functional SPE. Unlocking it would only cause unpredictable system behavior and it wouldn't bring any advantage at all.

Timesplitter143249d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog has always made long-running franchises (Crash Bandicoot, Jak)

JL3249d ago

Well yea....I think this was expected. At least I know I expected at least one other Uncharted. I actually mentioned this a while back when somebody was talking about wanting another Jak game. See this is ND's MO. Chances are very slim of seeing another Jak game (at least from ND). They always do this. Each generation Naughty Dog moves on to a new franchise. They stick strictly with that franchise throughout that generation. The same was true on the PS1 (Crash franchise), and the same with PS2 (they passed on Crash and started up the Jak franchise). Now in the PS3 age they've moved on to Uncharted. And considering the popularity of the franchise already, I'd expect nothing else but them to continue without it throughout this generation like they've always done with their previous franchises.

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54percent3249d ago

My loyal bots were crossing their fingers to wish this was the last one, they can't stand another AAA game coming to the PS3 while they get Halo and ... Halo... and Halo... did I mentioned Halo?

AliTheBrit3249d ago

My god what the hell is wrong with you people!??

This has - NOTHING - to do with Halo or the Xbox 360

Man, Uncharted is an awesome game, but you couldn't just comment on the game could you? you had to SOMEHOW make it about the 360 and its exclusives.

Its almost sad, its like you cant even help yourself, its Ironic really, that you devote so much of your time bashing the 360 and everything to do with it, You ever stop to think that?

I mean, if you really hate the 360 so much, why allow it to take up your time?

54percent3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

and you dedicate too much time defending the xshaft360, and it has a ton with halo, it's not a flop like halo or gears

AliTheBrit3249d ago

I defend the Xbox 360 because it is a brilliant console, with awesome games.

I would defend the PS3 if some idiot fanboy made some ridiculous comment about it too.

Gaming is GAME'ing, Consoles are just the portal that get us into the game.

shadowfox3249d ago

Considering that Insomniac is done with Ratchet after their next game, I guess I see this being a little more surprising than some of you. I'm really hoping we get a new IP from ND before a new Uncharted game. Keep Uncharted special, don't whore it out ND!

beavis4play3249d ago

insomniac being done with R&C is news to me. i haven't heard them say this. was this a recent announcement?

gaffyh3249d ago

ACIT does seem like it will finish the Future story, so maybe it is the last Ratchet for a while? Hope not though.

SnuggleBandit3249d ago

I remember hearing this too...don't mark my word though

HypnoticMonkey3249d ago

Link? Oh wait..there is no link because you're blowing this out of your ass.

Adamalicious3249d ago

We asked Brian Allegier about this at PAX.

ACIT will conclude the story arc that began in ToD, and while they haven't, obviously, announced another Ratchet game they also haven't said anything about this one being the last.

Brian said something about "I'm sure we'll revisit Ratchet" - frankly, if Insomniac stops making Ratchet games they will have to come out with more new IP or they'll have a lot of idle hands. I doubt they'd put all the effort into the tech and assets for Ratchet and then only do 2 full-length PS3 games (they did 4 on PS2).

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Mikelarry3249d ago

bother me as long as the story is interesting and they improve on what the put out previously