Recipe for Success: Final Fantasy

SCRAWL: "Ever since the first Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise has always been known as one of the founding fathers of the role-playing game. Final Fantasy has always been about the fantasy world; amazing stories, great music, memorable characters, and beautiful settings are just some of the staples of the franchise. Unlike other video games, we feel a Final Fantasy title has much higher standards when it comes to developing a game in comparison to other games."

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Why you laugh? Tell me a game (just one) with a better fantasy based story than the FF franchise. FF games have love, betrayals, sudden deaths, epic twists, fantastic settings, bad guys with purposes(which is pretty hard to find), etc...

FiftyFourPointTwo3195d ago

What Bodyboarder_VGamer said. Maybe you love those mindless shooter games or maybe your first FF game is FFXII?

vhero3195d ago

Final Fantasy XI was TERRIBLE in so many ways..

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3195d ago

The only thing I can't stand from FFXIII are the Storm Trooper rip-off... And about the setting, I feel like Square's going too much Star Warish. First it was with FFXII and now with FFXIII.

Thanks god FFvsXIII is having a more unique setting(separated from Star Wars)... In fact, FFvsXIII seems to be more like the FF game we're used to know... Don't you see some similarities between FFVII, FFVIII, FFX and FFvsXIII? You know, like the cities, darker setting, and all that...

But let me tell you that I love Lightning's design! From the cloth to everything. The gunblade reminds me so much to Squall, my favorite FF character (from a design perspective obviously, not attitude) and I like the afro dude a lot(well, except for his "oval afro", I like afros but not like that) and Snow too! But the redhead chick seems more like a model. With that super short skirt and and expensive looking shoes... I don't know.


She's like a bad designed Yuffie or Rikku... Way too out of place. And to make things even worse, she's some kind of magician. In Jrpg only people with strong knowledge and intelligence are the magic users but in this case we have a super hot sexy model.

Jmlopezbr3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Aren't they more like a Helghast soldier rip off though?

Anyway, I can't wait for this game and in the next few days there will be tons of information being released about it thanks to TGS. I believe this game will be as epic as we hope it will be.

Ravage273195d ago

I like Lightning's design, but that's probably the only thing i like about FF13's artstyle. I hate the whole generic sci-fi setting and the 'western' feel it gives off :/

Versus design and setting however,is VERY close to FF8 ,my all-time favourite in the series. Not to mention it will feature a battle system very similar to Kingdom Hearts 2,the best RPG last gen imo. The thought of having to wait 2 years for it kind of dampen my excitement though...

3sq3195d ago

I don't know about the character's design.

Lightning looks like she from the future.

Snow looks like he's from 20th century.

The Afro guy looks like he's from 80s.

Vanilla looks like she's from jungle.

When I see them together, it's like watching a circus.