Game Vortex: Defense Grid: The Awakening Review

Game Vortex writes: "One of my earliest favorite games was nothing more than firing cannonballs at an enemy's tower, adjusting angle and gunpowder to achieve the proper impact. Simplicity doesn't mean simplistic, you know? The essence of fun goes way beyond judging books by their covers, as so many good-looking but low-quality games demonstrate. The interesting thing about Defense Grid: The Awakening is that it doesn't actually sacrifice anything in the way of good looks. Although 80% of the game is static, you start looking at the details and realize that everything is crisp and designed incredibly well. The towers you'll use as your tools during the game have great attack animations, and the enemies moving throughout each level are eye-candy enough, but the real brilliance of Defense Grid is in the level design. It's called tower defense, but there's a strong puzzle aesthetic at work here."

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