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Games Are Evil writes: "While the past installments in the Halo series revolve around such joyful activities as destroying orbital space stations to furthering the semi-confusing man-on-microcomputer love fest between Cortana and Master Chief, ODST focuses on the softer side of the equation. This new game from Bungie focuses on something that has never been a factor in any prior Halo title: atmospheric subtlety. To some hardcore fans this may sound slightly blasphemous, given the series' history of in-your-face action, but not only does this core mechanic work, it thrives."

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wondroushippo3167d ago

Great review. I'm still not sure if I'm going to pick this one up, but the game definitely doesn't sound like the same Halo that I'm used to. I'm intrigued, for sure.

HammockGames3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

One of the big criticisms of ODST has been the value for the price.

Amazon may have hit the sweet spot here. When I looked there earlier they discounted the price to $50.99 (no tax, free shipping) with a bonus code for $10 good towards a future video game purchase.

So in effect, you can get ODST for about $40 if you look at it that way (which seems to be in the range where most people deem it acceptable).

Here's the link for anyone interested:

Defectiv3_Detectiv33167d ago

I'm sorry, but I think its kind of sad that we are resorting to praise Halo for its 'story'. This game doesn't even progress the overall arc of Halo's 'story'.

The characters are pretty generic and they are always saying cheesy things like 'just blew that guy a new nosehole!'

And the whole 'hub' concept is a pain in the !ss. Its a cheap way to add padding to the game, Wolfenstien did this and got dinged for it. It basically amounts to more time walking through the empty levels going to your next objective. Its like when you beat a dungeon in a game and you have to walk all the way back through it.

darthv723167d ago

I read your review of the game. I will be getting my copy after work. Actually, what is wrong with praising the story of a game? Without a good story to draw the player in you are left with mindless interactions and nothing to entice you to finish the game. I have several games from various console generations like that.

It is the same with a movie. To many of them these days rely on the "padding" of nudity, obscenity, flashy explosions and what not because they lack a good story to drive the film. Halo happens to have a really good story (subjective) as compared to others in the FPS genre. I actually like how this one deviates from the MC as the main character and offere a noir based feel.

Plus the fact you get to play out more of the devistation of new mombasa when the MC left for the other halo. I still think they should have dropped the "3" from the title because this game is far from being anything related to the story of part 3. This is Halo 2.5: ODST if anything as it takes place after the chief left. Your review was well written and I can understand frustration for the "value" it offers.

Value is subjective as well. I never bought into any of the MP map packs for halo 3. By getting them on the 2nd disc for basically $30 is about right considering what they totaled on live before.

I am sure you can attribute the same sense of praise in some game series you hold dear. I like the story of resistance as well and cant wait for part 3 to be announced. Same for gears series and god of war. Pretty much any game that has spanned more than just a simple sequel by having a good deep involving storyline is what I enjoy.

The tops for me still has to be the half life series.

starchild3167d ago

That was my problem with Killzone 2's campaign, the story was crap. It didn't pull me in or make me feel like I was part of a meaningful war.

Story is very important in games to me. That is why Half Life 2 is still my favorite FPS of all time, the narrative engrosses you and gives meaning to your actions. Halo has always had a nice narrative as well in my opinion.

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supercharger51503167d ago

How many people really play shooter games for the story though?

roblef3167d ago

I do. These are where the stories are being told.

darthv723167d ago

a good story drives home the experience the developers are trying to convey. Music sets the atmosphere and completes the package.

I always enjoyed the orchestra style of the halo series. I liken that to john williams and star wars series. Who says a futuristic environment has to have futuristic music to set the mood.

cemelc3167d ago

I only play SP, don't care for MP.


I do... I fell in love with halo ce first and formost because of the story and thats still the reason why i like it more then any of the others.

my favourite game of 2008 was dead space. the reason why.. because of the story, I enjoyed the game way more then resistance 2 and gears 2.

ya, maybe most gamers don't care, but there are a few of us left.

DuneBuggy3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Bioshock's story was great and of course Half Life 1 and 2.
Yeah Dead Space too.

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SpoonyRedMage3167d ago

Great review but they were mistaken. It's not Buck's helmet that you find. You just play Buck in the flashback that it triggers. In fact it's pretty clear.:S

JimmyJames703167d ago

$60 for atmospheric subtlety? Hmmm....

bgrundman3167d ago

Yeah, that's really the thing, though the entire map collection and new Horde mode might make it more worth it. Maybe

HammockGames3167d ago

Hey fellas'

You may want to check out my link above (1.2) if you're considering buying but are holding out for a better deal.

I'm not recommending (I can't, I haven't played it yet), I'm just sayin'.

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