1UP: Persona Review

In every way, this is a perfect example of how to remake a great game -- graphics notwithstanding -- and this release makes a brilliant game feel fresh and relevant again. The only real, substantial drawback to Persona is that, 13 years after its debut, its approach to RPG combat interaction is still practically unparalleled, especially on consoles. One can only hope that everyone else is taking notes. Maybe someone will eventually remember that there's supposed to be more to role-playing than the occasional opportunity to shove a guy out a window?.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3250d ago

Another AAA classic on the PSP.Xbots miss out once again

Rifle-Man3250d ago

Nice review. I never played this one on the PS1 and this will be my first PSP RPG. Should be fun!

butterfinger3250d ago

I think I might download this next Thursday.

Lord_Ash3250d ago

I hope it comes this week, there's a rumor that it won't get released on PSN until October 1st.

butterfinger3250d ago

2000 anyway last week, so I'll probably just download it when I pick up the Go on the first. I hope it comes out on the store this week, though for those that want to download it.

Immortal Kaim3250d ago

I think I might have to get this game, never played the original, what better way to play it than on the PSP.

Ichiryoka3250d ago

This game is that good. You have to play it to know what i'm talking about. good. buy it play it you will not regret it.

Just picked mine up today, and the first few minutes sucks you in.

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