PS3 80GB For An Insanely Cheap Price

A UK store is selling the old 80GB PlayStation 3 for only £160, if you don't buy a PS3 at that price, then when?

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Berserk13098d ago

my bots friends can now afford bay 1.

Karlnag33098d ago

I favour the PS3 over the xbox and make that obvious on N4G. But I find your trolling, flamebaiting, hating etc. to be both childish and annoying. I say negative things about the 360, but I make good points as to why I'm saying it. All you do is say "ZOMFG XBOTZZZZSZ! MICRO$HIT BLARRGGGSHFGHGGHH!!!11!" which is just utterly tasteless and sickens me. Ya know, I've never come across someone I would actually punch on the internet before now, but you are just that annoying. Can't say I believe this but I'm now ignoring you. I, Karlnag3 am ignoring someone that apparently favours the PS3. No1 saw that one coming.

Why I am doing it is simple. You behave like an xbox owner. You sir, behave like a child. I always thought the PS3 audience was more mature. Thanks for proving that to be so terribly wrong.

Elvfam5113098d ago

go cry some more this is the open zone where anything goes if it was the gamer zone it would've been different

gaffyh3097d ago

@1.1 - Yeah I agree with you, but in the open zone, anything goes.

randomwiz3098d ago

likely that costco would have a huge stock to get rid of since they buy A LOT of everything

vhero3098d ago

You need to be a member but still that means its cheaper than the wii and 360 arcade..

El_Colombiano3098d ago

This can't be true. This just can't be true. I'll buy five. Oh man....I'm going nuts just thinking about this.

gaffyh3097d ago

I know what you mean man, I'm thinking of buying a backup for my PS3 just in case.

Berserk13098d ago

LIKE WHAT Elvfam511 SID this is the open zone,And in this zone we can

troll and do what every we want i hop this clear the picture for you.